The internet is ever-expanding and with it comes great responsibility. The technological advancements we witness in our day-to-day life help us improve the quality of our life, as well as the information we have access to. However, as the internet expands on a daily basis, so does our children’s understanding of it. As such, the importance of using a VPN has never been so high. As it helps us remain safe online and prevents cybercriminals from tracking us, we have to wonder is there a curse in this blessing? Today we will talk about why everyone should use VPN and how it can help your children bypass parental controls and restrictions.

The Importance of Using a VPN

Because we are living in an information age, it should be no surprise that everything started revolving around the usage of the internet. It is estimated that approximately 60% of today’s population is using the internet on a regular basis. Out of those 60%, about 90% access the internet using their mobile devices. This data shows us that over half of the Earth’s population is online on a daily basis. However, using the internet is not as innocent as it used to be. Data collection and gathering are posing a real problem and people are becoming more and more aware of it. Because of that, many people turn to a method of online protection to help prevent their data and personal information from leaking into the Internet of Things (IoT).

What Can VPN Do for You?

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network and it is used to help the user protect their private information, as well as their identity, while online. The software uses encrypting protocols and virtual servers to provide adequate protection to each of its users. If we would sum up the advantages VPN can provide for their users, it would be:

  • Encrypted internet traffic – This makes it impossible for cybercriminals or third-parties to track the information you are sending online
  • Total online anonymity – By changing your IP address to a virtual server it makes it impossible for others to track your online activities or pinpoint your geographical location
  • Bypassing censorship and restrictions – The usage of VPN allows the user to safely bypass any censorship or restriction that are usually based on the IP address of the user

VPN helps you remain anonymous online and prevent others from peeking into your online traffic and history

Atop of making it almost impossible to track while online, most VPN providers offer their clients a no-log policy. A no-log policy is a method in which the user history and online activity disappear as soon as the user disconnects from the network. This makes it impossible for anyone to follow what the user was doing and what websites they visited.

What Does This Mean for your Children?

If you are a parent, you are probably concerned about what your child does online and what content they view. More importantly, children who cannot fully understand how the internet works might add more fuel to the fire. They can often succumb to internet frauds and scams and thus directly endanger themselves and you as a parent. In such situations, the importance of VPN, as well as its advantages, might come to your demise. Firstly, as you read above, VPN helps people remain anonymous online. Secondly, without proper protection, your child can easily manipulate this software without you knowing it. That is why taking precautionary measures and protecting your child online is a must.

Pay Attention to What Your Child Does Online

Although VPN provides many different benefits for the users, children who are aware of this software might abuse it to bypass the parental control you set up. More importantly, this can easily allow them to gain access to every website they desire. For that reason, it is important that you always know what your child is doing online and when. More importantly, you should control your child in order to prevent them from abusing such a tool. As we mentioned in the first paragraph of the article, about 90% of internet users access the internet via their mobile phones. Atop of controlling what they do on their PCs, laptops, or tablets, you should regularly check their phones as well.

Check Your Child’s PC, laptop, or Tablet

You know your child the best. This means that you usually know what type of device they use the most and what for. Many children might prefer to, for instance, play games on their laptops and watch videos on their tablets or phones. See the pattern your child is developing and make sure you always know what they are doing online. Check to see if they were searching for VPN in their search engines or maybe downloaded them.

Check Your Child’s Mobile Phone

Always make sure you know what your child is doing while on the phone. Especially if you have parental control. As phones are smaller and can fit almost anywhere, your child will have an easier time disguising what they are actually doing. Check what they download and apps to see if they were using VPN to bypass some limitations and restrictions. The importance of VPN means a safe online experience and this is not one of them.

Communicate with Your Child

Finally, converse with your child about online safety and the internet in general. This is the best way you can help them understand the seriousness of their actions and the consequences. Most children can abuse such a useful app for their personal satisfaction. You should help your child understand how dangerous it can be to visit certain websites or click on certain links online. Especially if those links were blocked or restricted for a reason. Help your child understand how the internet works and what the true benefits of it are so they do not end up abusing VPN and all of its benefits.

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