Marketing can be defined as a philosophy, a function, or a set of processes for interacting with customers, but its effectiveness is measured by the profit generated by attracting customers. The ability to use truly functional tools at each stage of the sales funnel has a direct impact on the overall outcome of the company.

Regardless of what niche of business you are engaged in, you can own a restaurant, a flower shop, or a rental service offering luxury cars like FerrariDidoni for hire, it is extremely important to understand current trends. To not only run a business but to make it successful, and to make people choose your rental service to hire the vehicle of their dream, go on reading.

Let’s highlight the main trends that, according to experts, will be of great importance for marketing this year.

Human-to-human (“humanization” of brands). Interaction between people takes precedence over the interaction between people and companies. While promoting websites and services businesses must use a “live” language in order to personalize communication with each client. This trend can also be attributed to the growing popularity of promoting experts’ and top officials’ personal brands.

Openness as a value. Companies are increasingly telling their own true stories. The cases are described in detail, with the main focus being on useful conclusions and experience rather than the wow result. The same is true for integrations with bloggers: audiences and brands require personalized user experiences with real benefits and drawbacks.

Sociality of marketing. Equality, empathy, inclusivity, conscious consumption, environmental concern, respect for personal boundaries, sincerity, and tact are all becoming more essential.

Ease of communication. It is most noticeable in minimalistic design, concise texts, and extremely clear instructions-pictures for goods. Part of the reason for the emergence of such a trend was Generation Z’s consumption model, as well as the frequency and increased amount of diverse content on the Internet.

So much so that finding a growth marketing course online nowadays has become quite easy in maximum convergence of online and offline. The mutual influence of online and offline channels on the efficiency of each other is growing. Digital advertising intended to boost sales in online shops and marketplaces create demand on store shelves as well. Furthermore, traditional outdoor/indoor advertising increases demand for the same goods on marketplaces.

protection of the personal data of users. Already in 2024, Google plans to switch to the Privacy Sandbox initiative, under which the user will be classified in the Chrome browser, but not identified.

The renaissance of interest in SEO. According to experts, the number of requests for SEO services from clients increased substantially last fall. In December 2022, 80% of all new clients purchased the SEO service. In contrast, it was just 50% in 2021. Interest in local SEO from offline businesses is growing, as is awareness of this service. The main trend in e-commerce in 2023 will be SEO on marketplaces – product card optimization.

AR and a mix of “realities”. The construction of playgrounds and sports fields is a prime example of the application of such technologies. The clients use the smartphone to take a photo of the yard where the playground will be built, sets the size, and then arranges the items they require, figuring out the number, configuration, color, and some criteria of the objects. As a technical task for calculating the commercial offer, the created photo is sent to the manufacturer’s website.

Analytics and artificial intelligence. The potential for expansion is enormous. Big data, CDP platforms, chatbots, voice assistants, and other analytical services will become increasingly popular. Demis Group, for example, employs neural networks to create videos about a product or service. The input is only text, and the output is a full-fledged video with an announcer. This saves a lot of money on video production and gives the user the option of reading the text or watching the video. This trend is constantly shifting towards automation and system simplification. Our organization is actively developing automation tools, including the use of artificial intelligence.

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