In this post, we give you a list of the best free music apps without Wi-Fi that can be used on your Android smartphone or tablet. They are perfect for listening to music when you are on the move.

Music is the most important thing for everyone because it relieves your stress and changes your mood. Any music is a pain reliever and makes you laugh, or you can feel the music. Well, there was a time when people used to download the music on their phones so that they can listen to it at any time. Now, due to the music apps, people don’t like to waste their data downloading the songs. They prefer to listen to it online. We all know that there are so much online music streaming apps in the market already available.

Listening to music online all the time is not preferable because it also considers the data, so how can you enjoy your favorite music offline? Don’t worry; here we bring the solution to it. We are going to deliver free music apps without Wi-Fi for android devices. It means free music apps can be used offline. So let’s begin the list.

List of Free Music Apps Without Wi-Fi for Android

Google Play Music

Google Play Music Music App That Works Without Wi-Fi

It is the pre-installed app in all Android devices. You can download songs from Google Play Music and enjoy it offline or listen to the songs online. The app considers both free and paid versions so that you can choose any one of them. In this app, you can also enjoy the radio stations or search for songs based on artists or albums. You can save your favorite song, so you can enjoy it offline anytime.


This app also helps you to listen to your favorite music without Wi-Fi. The app also provides lots of FM radio stations that you can enjoy, or create your radio station based on your favorite singer or album. Well, to enjoy the radio stations, the frequency of the radio station is necessary. It doesn’t matter that if you don’t have the internet, but to create your radio station you need the internet for a few minutes. After creating the playlists of your music, you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

Slacker Radio

It is a free music app without Wi-Fi for Android. You can use it anytime and anywhere. All you need to catch the frequency tower of radio stations or create your radio station with the help of your favorite music playlist and enjoy the music. You can also share your radio station with your friends and enjoy music together. This will help you to pass the time and also get to know about more music.

YouTube Music

How we can forget YouTube when it comes to music. We all know that YouTube is the most popular app all over the world, and people love to use this app to watch videos and listen to music. It is another free music app for android users, and now the app owner provides two more things apart from YouTube. First is YouTube Music and another is YouTube Premium, you saw the pop-ups of trial for YouTube Premium account. With the help of YouTube Music, you can easily save your favorite music and listen to it without the internet, so download the app now. It is compatible with both Android and iOS users.

Spotify Music

This is the most rated app in the list. The Spotify library consists of up to 30 million songs in different languages that people can enjoy. It is another free music app where people can enjoy the music whenever they want to, they can share it with their friends, or they can create their music and upload it on the app. So other people can also enjoy it.


The Deezer app considers your favorite music app without Wi-Fi for android users. All you need to do is download the app and install it immediately. You can save your favorite song offline and then use it whenever you want to. You can also search your favorite song as per your taste. The list of artists, movies, and song lyrics are all available on this app. So download it now and enjoy it.

Tunein Radio

It is another Radio app which provides 100k free radio stations to the user. Apart from music, the app also provides sports updates, weather updates, news, and other podcasts that can also listen offline. The user can enjoy all types of music or material on this music app without WiFi and enjoy it. Well, if they want, then they can share their favorite music with their friends whenever they want to.


The app has 100 million users who enjoy free music without Wi-Fi. Apart from songs, the app also provides you with video songs or video clips that can be enjoyed offline. All you need to do is download and install the app so that you can get the videos and songs that you can save offline and enjoy.


It is another radio app that provides many radio stations and music without Wi-Fi for android users. All you need to do is download and install the app on your device and choose the favorite song to save and enjoy it offline. Well, the user can also create their station while saving the song, or band music on their phone and enjoy it whenever they want. Apart from this, they can also share it with friends, or they can share their music taste on social media platforms, to suggest other people to enjoy the song.

Amazon Music

We all know that Amazon is the most popular app in the market. They are providing so many things to the people. Apart from e-commerce websites, video streaming apps, they also have a music app without Wi-Fi for android users. The user needs to download it and save the songs on the app to enjoy music offline.


Well, the list we were given free music apps without Wi-Fi for android users is handy for everyone. These apps will help you get access to the best music library without Wi-Fi. They are perfect for listening to music when you are on the move. So choose your favorite app and enjoy your favorite songs offline whenever you feel like doing it.

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