Persona 5 is a high-end game developed in Japan and was released exclusively for Play Station 3 and Play station 4 by the company named Altus. Persona 5 was released in Japan in September 2016, and for the rest of the world, it was released in April 2017. The latest expanded version of this game is called Persona 5 Royal, which is made available in Japan in October 2019 and is scheduled to release worldwide in March 2020. From the date of its release, it has been a fan favorite as it is wholly based in Tokyo, Japan, and also the unique concept of the storyline.


Persona 5 is a single-player, role-playing adventure game that is released for Play Station is meant to be played on Play Station. This is a social simulation game where the player is to spend a year in a middle school in Tokyo and is coded as Joker. From part-time jobs to spare time, all are included in the game and have to be performed by the player. Alongside this life, another life is introduced, including dungeon crawling and a storyline about the different realms. Thus, the storyline of the game is very intriguing and is promised to keep you interested throughout the gameplay when you inherit the character.

Can it Be Played on PC?

This game is not at all for the PC, and there is no official, or should I say a legal version of the game for PC. This game was released exclusively for PS3 and PS4, and it is suggested that one play the game only in those. But it can also be played on a computer using the emulator. Below, the steps are provided on persona 5 PC download. The game is very graphically advance and is a huge game; thus, the computer might be a subject to get damaged, or the game can crash multiple times. Now, as the game is a PS4 game, so one more game like persona 5, which is a PS4 game is vrchat PS4.

Another way to play the game is by spending 10 dollars as PS4 has started a new library for the PS4 games to be played on PC by spending money, but this is subjective as the players shall only be able to play games that exist in the library and are decided by them. Currently, Persona 5 is available in the library giving gamers a period to play the game on their PCs. Taking that into concern, $10 is quite less to pay for those games to be played on the computer.

While playing the game using emulators, the specifications that will be required for the computer is extremely high. Any standard gaming computer shall have a hard time running this game also.

From the beginning, the game had behaved poorly when it was run on an emulator, but this has changed, and it has become more stable than what it was a few months back. Persona 5 is neither officially nor it is legally available for PC.

One thing to remember while using Persona 5 emulator, Altus is quite known for tracking down and hit the game. You can be provided a takedown request anytime by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Thus, play using an emulator at your own risk.

How to use an emulator?

Emulators are software or hardware that produce console to play many games. For Play Station, PSX2 is the most suitable emulator. Firstly, you will have to download the emulator and install the most suitable emulator for your computer and configure it.

  1. A suitable version of the emulator is to be downloaded. For example, one can download an emulator for MAC OS, Windows, or Linux.
  2. When it is downloaded, click on install, and you will see a page with various dropdowns, and here the language has to be selected.
  3. These dropdowns are plugins. The only thing to do now is to click on next, and it will take you to the BIOS configuration page.
  4. There are several geographical regions, and BIOS of PS varies for that. To configure the BIOS, you will have to rip the BIOS from PS2 BIOS file and paste in the directory given here: C:\Users\ [User Name] \Documents\PCSX2\bios
  5. This process of using an emulator and configure BIOS is unethical and should be done at your own risk.
  6. When you have configured the controllers, the setting is done, and the emulator is ready to run.

After doing all that, you will have to look up for Persona 5 ISO and then have to download it.

Requirements for Persona 5:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Intel i5 560 or higher / AMD Radeon HD 5870 or higher
  • 2 GB graphics or Video RAM
  • 64-bit OS.

The Process to Install Persona 5:

  1. First, you have to download the archived software by clicking this link.
  2. The file will be in zipped format, and then you will have to unzip the files
  3. Double click on the setup, and if that does not work, do a right-click on the setup and select Run as Administrator.
  4. Now, wait while your PC Installs the game.
  5. After the successful installation, open the game.
  6. It may ask for an activation code, and if it does, go to the game directory and look it up.
  7. After inserting the activation code, start the game and start enjoying it.

This game will need a lot of your hard disk space, thus make sure there is enough room to configure the game entirely.
To conclude, One will have to play Persona 5 on Play Station 4 to enjoy the best of the game, and it is not at all advised to use an emulator and play the game on your computer as it has a risk of you being persecuted or it might damage the computer.

But still, if you wish to enjoy this unique game with a beautiful plot with great characters, you can go ahead and play the game on your computer. Have an excellent gaming experience after overcoming the hurdles of emulators and the long search for the game on the web.

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