Cricket, the game that is hugely popular and is followed by billions of people, has been in the world of sports for a long time. Probably not so famous in the North American continent but is has an immense fan base in the United Kingdom, South Asia, and a few Caribbean and African countries along with Australia and New Zealand. This massive viewing has also encouraged the gaming companies to create games and simulation games for this particular sport, and needless to say that this has been hugely successful.

The games have been downloaded by millions and are played by them, and here is a guide for you about a game that falls under the sports category and is a simulation of cricket, Ashes Cricket 2017. As we all know in the sector of baseball video games, mtb the show 19 PC game is one of the most famous game. Similar to this, ashes cricket game is one of the most famous game in the sector of cricket games.

What is ‘Ashes’?

The Oval is a cricket stadium in South London. In this ground, a test cricket series was played between england & australia in the year of 1882. This match was reported, or should I say, called ‘The Ashes’ on the British newspaper named ‘The Sporting times’ after Australia had won a test match of the three-match series. The series was dominated by England as Australia was two down on the 3-game series, and most historically, it was the first test win of Australia on English soil. This became a great rivalry in the cricket world, and each time England and Australia play a test, the excitement can be seen among the crowd, even till today.

Ashes Cricket 2017

Ashes Cricket 2017 was the first game made by the company named Big Ant Studios that had licensed itself with modern players. This game was released on both Play Station 4 and Xbox One. In this game, a player can choose either England and Australia as his team and go ahead with the game and play being and an individual who is also a star player.

Review for the Ashes Cricket 17

This game has won many hearts already and gathered 7.9 out of 10 on Xbox and 7.3 out of 10 on PS4. Apart from that, this game also has an 80% rating on IGN. It proves the game is good and is well received by the gamers. So, taking up this game might not be a bad choice. have a look at what IGN had to say about the game.

Can We Play Ashes Cricket 2017 on PC?

Though the game was originally released for Xbox One and Play Station 4, those with a desktop are more than welcome to join and play this famous game. But there are only a few requirements that the PC must have in order to the game run uninterruptedly. Here is a list of those,

  • 32 GB available space.
  • At least Intel i5 or AMD 8 processor.
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (64 bits)
  • 1 Gb graphics card.
  • Input devices as in mouse and keyboard.
  • Output devices as a monitor and speakers.



Since the game was released long ago and by long I mean really long ago ( It is the time of Ashes cricket 2017), therefore it is quite hard to find the game on the official page and apart from that, the official Big Ant Studios have only the Xbox and the PS4 version for sale but here are a few websites from where it would be easier to download the game. The crack of the game is also required to be downloaded, which can be done both separately or from the game itself.

After downloading the game, it is quite easy to install it as it can be done by a few steps only. Here is a guide for that.

These are the steps for the ashes cricket 2017 game download.

  1. Open the links and start downloading the game.
  2. After downloading, open the installer.
  3. When it asks for the directory in which the game is supposed to be installed, select it.
  4. Agree on the condition and move the process forward.
  5. Now it is time for the game to download the full version. It will require the internet as well as time.
  6. Let the computer do its work and download all the required things.
  7. When finished, open the game and start enjoying the superb gameplay.

That was it. Was not it easy? This game is quite easy to start and is known for giving the players a very enjoyable experience throughout the gameplay, and it is needless to say that the rivalry between the cricket teams of both England and Australia ads enough fuel in the game.

What is good about Ashes Cricket 2017?

In short, a lot of things. Now to be more specific, the best part of this game is that it gives a very better sense of personalization than most of the other games as you are completely able to create players, teams, and even the umpires.

Not only these but they’re also feature to even create your own personalized competitions and stadiums with even personalized logos.

Apart from that, another major thing that the games are liked for having is the availability of the certified official stadiums that had featured in the Ashes 2017-18.

The storyline of the individual player is also very interesting and addicting as there is a curve of the character (Avatar), and it is quite unique.

To sum it up, this game celebrates the extreme yet passionate competition between two teams, which is really cool, and the gaming experience is also quite good. The animation is nice and had not been complained by much, and the best part is that it can be played on the computer where which makes it very convenient as not everyone has a gaming platform. With that said, if you know about cricket, I hope you have a wonderful time playing cricket, but the people who are yet to have an experience with cricket are also invited to download and play the game as this game is sure to make an expression on you.

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