Minecraft is a Sandbox Video Game. It is developed by Mojang initially later Persson created it, his full name is Markus Notch Persson. He released the game as a public alpha initially in the personal computers after forming in the java programming language in 2009. The game was officially released in November 2011 by creating accordingly in collaboration with another designer, Jens Bergsten.

The Minecraft Xbox 360 is available on various platforms. As of now, the game recorded more than 112 million active monthly players across the world. Minecraft is the place where players can build anything out of their imagination. Minecraft enables its players to explore some blocky, 3D generated world procedurally, and the game follows with the extraction of raw material, crafting tools, it allows players to build structures and few works attached to the earth.

Concerning the selected game mode, the player can choose to fight against the computer-controlled or can compete against other players in the same world. Microsoft purchased both the Mojang and the intellectual property of Minecraft in the year 2014 for 2.5 billion dollars. Later on, several spin-off games have been created as Minecraft earth, Minecraft dungeons, and Minecraft story mode. Minecraft Xbox 360 free download gets packed up in several ways such as survival mode, creative mode, adventure mode, spectator mode, and multiplayer.


Minecraft Xbox 360 download free has no particular goals. It allows the player with full freedom by not putting any restrictions and specific goals or tasks to accomplish. The gameplay, by default, comes with the first-person perspective. There will be advancements to achieve the achievements system in the java edition of the game. The player in Minecraft Xbox 360 free download will have an option to enable a third-person perspective.

The imagination of the player is the only restriction in the game. That means in Minecraft Xbox 360 free download player will have no limits to play he can build anything out of his imagination composed of the rough 3D objects includes cubes and fluids commonly they are called blocks. In the Minecraft Xbox 360 download free, all these blocks are arranged in a 3D grid; Blocks represent various materials such as lava, tree trunks, water, ores, dirt, metal, and stones. Players can move these blocks and mine them for placing elsewhere that ultimately enables them to build something.

The essence of the core of the gameplay revolves around placing these all required objects by picking them up and using them wherever the player wants to put by, which enables building whatever the player imagines. Redstone is the material in Minecraft Xbox 360 download free, which allows the player to construct complex systems, mechanical works and devices, logic gates, and electrical circuits.

Various Modes and Critical Features of the Game

Minecraft Xbox 360 download free comes packed up with abundant styles and all-new features what a gamer dream of

Survival Mode

In this mode, there will be monsters spawn outside a specified radius in the darker areas. Players need to build their shelters at night, by the attack of monsters the health bar gets decreased. There will also be a hunger bar that has to be refilled periodically by eating food in the game. Other events such as falls, starvation, falling into the lava, drowning, and suffocation results in depletion in the health bar.

In survival mode, to craft certain items and blocks, players have to bundle or gather absolute essentials stone and wood. Players in Minecraft Xbox 30 download free can also be able to craft a wide range of items such as armor, including swords, which helps in protection during the attacks.

Creative Mode

In this mode, players can concentrate on the construction without any disturbances. It gives access to the players to all the items and resources through the inventory menu in the game. Players can instantly place them and can remove them from the construction area. Players are enabled with the ability to fly around the game freely. In this mode, players will not get affected by hunger, and the characters they put in will not take any damage to their health.

Adventure mode

Minecraft Xbox 360 download free enables the player in this mode to experience the custom maps and adventures crafted by the player rest of the gameplay is similar to survival mode. This mode puts on many restrictions. The mapmaker in this mode intends adventures in the way of the player while obtaining the required items. Command block is the other addition designed concerning custom maps. Through the scripted server commands, map makers can interact with players.

Spectator mode

This mode is individually accessed only in the PC or java edition. This mode enables the player to enjoy the gameplay without interacting, by watching from the perspective of other players or creatures. Spectator mode allows the player to fly across the blocks.


The gameplay was initially released as a java edition version 1.6.6; the publishers and developers of the game are working on regular updates the current version of Minecraft Xbox 360 download free is TU74 which requires 1.29 GB approximately as it is 36 times larger now from the initial release.

Guide on How to Download the Game

  1. Choose a good gaming website where the external links come with no viruses in it. You will quickly notice the link as it will be coming out on top free full version of the game.
  2. Download the file and unzip it if the download files are in a zipped folder
  3. Extract the data and start the setup file
  4. Setup requires to accept license terms
  5. Chose the basic settings such as setting up the language
  6. Insert a CD or DVD and run the flash drive installation
  7. This setup starts installing the gaming content and required files in the disc
  8. Run the flash drive eject the disc and insert into the Xbox
  9. This enables the game to start updating on the initial run
  10. Active internet connection is required to update the files
  11. After installing updates, the game is ready to start and enjoy.

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