During a nice hot summer, it’s not only your bedroom that needs cooling. But wait, you can take an AC with you on the road and place it in a camping tent or pack it up and take it with you to work. That’s where compact evaporative coolers come in.

Let’s see why you should choose a personal air cooler over any other device.

Why Would a Compact Cooler be Perfect?

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You’ll realize that swamp coolers are indeed a wise choice, given the cost, energy scalability, management, noise, and safety when talking swamp cooler vs. air conditioner. We have got different commercially accessible alternatives when dealing with swamp coolers. Most variants are large and cumbersome, and can’t be carried effectively.

You could, however, consider a lightweight variant and enjoy the following privileges:

  • You can take it with you everywhere you go. This awesome pleasant device is easy to bring everywhere. If you’d like to sleep and chill you can bring it into your bedroom and in your living room. And also when you are working, it will help ensure you have more relaxing conditions.
  • The device can be moved swiftly without straining, as it is portable. Additionally, a handle is available on certain models. Probably an important aspect of distinguishing this swamp cooler from any other gadget is that it can be powered by a regular power bank. You could bring it with you when going for a picnic.
  • It refreshes your private space. We often witness conflicts with the ideal ambient temperature in households and among groups of individuals, because each has his or her convenient range. A private cooler just serves the individual nearest to it and adjusts the conditions in the environment successfully as per their desires.

How Do We Contrast Them with AC?

For a good number of years, we have been utilizing air conditioners. Why then do we have to begin utilizing mini-swamp coolers right now? In this part, we will explore whether a swamp cooler could be a better choice than AC by analyzing every attribute and describing the disparity between each.

1. Price of The Equipment

Whenever you want to establish a cozy living room, everything depends on the price of the equipment that you need. Swamp coolers are indeed a convenient and cost-effective remedy to your fundamental necessity to maintain your temperature low on a sunny summer day. If we assess the price of conventional air conditioning units and swamp cooling systems, we will realize that this aspect separates these two electronic gadgets far apart.

In the 100 to 300 USD market range, you will purchase a good swamp cooler. In the meanwhile, with a compact edition or window edition, the rate of air conditioning systems begins only at USD300. A mini-split unit, together with the deployment, costs you a few thousands.

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2. Electricity Consumption

Air conditioning units aren’t deemed items of luxury, but still, they’re certainly an expense not many can manage. Portable devices are less costly, however, in case you have one throughout each room, repair expenses and power costs sum up to high amounts of cash over a while.

It is not only your expenditure that is affected by heavy power usage. The more electric energy you use, the higher the amount of power that will first be needed to produce. It could result in negative outcomes on the environment, particularly if your region does not utilize other sources of energy especially the renewable types.

Alternatively, swamp cooling units do not require an extensive power source and can operate on voltage levels that are minimal efficiently. Besides contributing to a secure atmosphere, you will spend less cash on settling your electricity bills.

3. Atmospheric Conditions

Air conditioning units will not serve you well in case you stay in a dry environment. The fact is that air-conditioning units dry out the air – cooling your environment, but making your skin stiff and dehydrated.

An air conditioning unit is undoubtedly a decent dehumidifier. But if your environment is dry and hot more often, you may find yourself acquiring a separate humidifier. A steady humidity ranging between 30 to 50 percent in volume is essential to combat viruses. Are you aware of this?

Air conditioning units are also not nice at purifying the air as well, particularly if you’ve got a one-hose portable Air conditioning system or have failed to replace the filters at the required time. Having a one-hose portable system causes air to be recirculated over and over again in the house, so you don’t access as much cool air as with swamp cooling systems and you, therefore, have to ensure your windows are open or instead make use of them while outside.

When your environment is frequently wet, more than fifty percent mostly, swamp coolers will just supplement it. But due to how swamp coolers work, they can help lower the temperature, moisturize, and clean air in case you stay in the dry or regular environment.

4. Servicing and Management

Numerous cleaning procedures are needed for the regular air conditioning unit. You must inspect the filters regularly or as needed. Annually, a specialist must inspect the refrigerant thoroughly to change it. Need to introduce fresh refrigerants any time the season transitions, and the added expense for replacing filters ought not to be overlooked. Both these moves trigger considerable difficulties because both your energy and your resources are spent.

On the contrary, a basic composition of water and soap is only what is needed for the purification of swamp cooling units and this is done monthly. Certain systems contain fiber or cellulose filters that need to be washed and replaced periodically, however they are not so necessary since water serves as a filter. It is advisable to clean the water tank prior to changing the water to ensure your appliance is in an ideal state.

5. Noise Levels

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The noise disturbance that surrounds every electronic device is a challenge for the light sleepers and individuals with a reduced attention span. Air conditioning units prevent you from sleeping comfortably if they pass for a prolonged period. The noises levels created by these appliances are intense and destructive and obstruct your usual schedule, as well as your slumber.

Fortunately, many swamp cooling units produce no noise that could disrupt your slumber or distract your focus from a particular task. The minimal levels of noise produced by a swamp cooling system easily blend with the lower background noises and can also act as a White Noise source.


Since now you understand how this equipment work, finally you can get a better one that will suit your needs. And if you like to be on the go, choose a compact cooler to get fresh air wherever you are.

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