We’ve all been there. Driving down the road listening to music when suddenly a call comes in. Glancing quickly at the phone you realize its importance. Perhaps it’s your boss or maybe your child’s school. You want to answer that call even though you know, to do so would be dangerous. Luckily, with the help of the following recommended gadgets, you can now safely answer that call. In this piece, I will be giving you my top 3 picks for road safety.

Let’s dive in.

Pick #1: Car Mounts for s10

This affordable and reliable option comes recommended from our friends at Shopfordevice. If you have a Samsung Galaxy you will definitely need car mounts for s10 so you can always drive safely. This product allows you to do all of the following, completely hands-free:

  • Access features on your phone
  • Charge your phone wirelessly
  • Easy attachment to windshields or dashboard
  • Hands-free calls

There are a few options available but the Montar from WinnersGear that offers a guarantee is a great choice. I also like the WizGear which offers a very strong magnet and attaches easily to your air vent. By purchasing car mounts for s10 you can be sure that your focus is where it should be, on the road.

Pick #2: Night Vision System

Whether you have perfect vision or not, seeing at night can be very difficult. Add to that weather conditions such as rain, fog, or snow, and your visibility can be reduced significantly. Luckily there is some exciting technology that is finally making it safer to drive at night.

I am talking about the Lanmodo Night Vision system. This system actually provides a view of a clear view as you drive so you can travel safely. The system gives you up to 300 metres of a clear road ahead. This also comes with a 12-month warranty.

Pick #3: Head-Up Displays

Last, but not least, I love a head-up display. This simple technology keeps your eyes looking forward while being able to see pertinent information such as how fast you are driving and navigation.

Similar to the car mounts for s10, the HUD is affordable and mounts easily on your car. They both are great reminders and aids in keeping your eyes on the road at all times. It plugs in easily and projects all the information you need right on the windshield.

I recommend getting ones with nanotechnology to avoid double reflections and glare. I also like the alarm options you can get with a HUD. For example:

  1. High speed
  2. High temperature
  3. Low voltage

Each of these adds an extra layer of protection for you and your loved ones.

Wrap Up

Whether you are looking to modernize your vehicle or upgrade the current technology your car comes with adding safety gadgets are a must. Always use car mounts for s10 so you can be hands-free for a call or navigation. Invest in a night visions system and get a personal reg plate especially if you work at night or live in areas with particularly challenging weather conditions. Last but not least, make sure you are driving within the speed limits and your car is in good condition with convenient and affordable HUD systems.

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