Who does not know about slot machines? Casinos make more passive income from slot machines as they appear to be easy money. They are cheap, yet gift grand prizes and beginners get attracted to slot machines more than regulars.

The same thing goes on, even in the online casinos! Poker, pool, and blackjack are filled with pros, and slot machines are the only chance for people who do not like competition and depend solely on their luck.

Online slot machines appear more predictable because if it is a code, there surely is an algorithm behind that code. And algorithms follow a pattern! This way of thinking attracts more people to try their luck predicting the algorithm. No matter how people think that there is a pattern, to be accurate, there is none!


In these online slot machines, there are gradations, each depending on the variance. Variance is the rate of change of the pattern. Higher the variance, you choose higher the rewards. But also, the higher the variance you select, the higher the unpredictability. These gradations are low, medium, and high.

Low variance slots are highly predictable; that is, they follow a pattern for you to figure out. As they are predictable, the rewards are not so promising. Whereas High Variance disrupts any pattern, and the slots are almost random. Predictions are impossible, and the rewards depend only on luck!

Exploring the high variance

Players find it attractive to play high variance slots. Because the rewards are too appealing and if the cost is not much. The expense of losing much money is alright, but what if you win the jackpot?

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That single tempting question boosts every player to select high variance. Of course, the entry cash is more expensive than low and mid variance slots, but players tend to look at rewards and outweigh their expenses.

High Variance slots are fun and are only for people willing to take the risk and can afford them. You need to understand them properly to rock the jackpot!

Spotting High Variance slots

High volatile/variance slots are not hard to find at all. If you are not a new player, you can tell by looking at the paytable. The paytable is the beginning interface of the slot that allows you to buy slots and check rewards.

The most significant sign to look at is that there is a very smaller number of high pay-outs and the symbols offer around 9 in all, meaning nine or fewer symbols. The free spins are also limited, and the rewards are higher than any slot you have seen. You can even notice limited bonus gifts that are more valuable.

Autumn Queen by Novo Line is one of the examples of these high variance slots. The interface and graphics of Autumn queen are likable and more playable. It looks and feels like a teenage fantasy MMORPG game, but the slot is filled with fun and energy! The link to the game:

What to choose?

One needs to remember that high variant slot machines never let the player win in the first couple of rounds. This tactic is to kick the player’s interest off the win. One needs to put it all and go on even after a couple of losses.

The chance of winning significant increases by each loss. And that is the reason why everyone cannot afford to play high variance slots. If you cannot afford the losses, in the beginning, you do not need to shy away from accepting the game. If you cannot afford the damages, you can not deserve the wins!

You do not need to hesitate to choose low volatile slots if your bank does not allow the higher risks. Low and mid variant slots offer decent rewards too if played for enough time. If your bank balance enables you to play for hours, that is, spend a couple of hundreds of dollars, there is nothing to stop you from high variant slot games. But the thing one needs to remember is that with the same amount of money spent on high variant games, one can play and win double the games in low variant slots.


Experts and regulars will not aim for a single variant or volatile slots. Regulars plan their wins in a very strategic way. Their tactic is to play in a mixed way. They sometimes play low variant slots, sometimes the mid and sometimes the high!

Just like the variance, even an expert’s pattern of choosing the slots is unpredictable. This type of mixed selection makes the wins organized, and your bank balance safe. If you are low on cash and the symbols are too complicated, you better choose mid or low slots.

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It would be best if you bet wisely in a strategic manner. Many strategies help you bet in a rather smart way! These are called slot betting strategies, and you need to understand how to strategies looking at the symbols you have and the money you can bet. To begin with, make yourself a betting budget and promise yourselves not to cross it.

As it is up to common knowledge for now that high variant slots take longer time and money to make bigger wins. You need to plan your budget, keeping the time and trials it might take. You need to divide the bets in a way that you can play for more than 60 minutes. If you can bankroll a few more minutes, it is up to you to decide.

Final Words

The second most important thing you need to have to play slots is patience. Money sure makes you enter big, but patience helps you leave bigger! You should not lose your chill even if your spins end up dry with no lucky symbols! Also, never jump into the game without studying the paytable!

It is always good to take it slow after observing slots for a period. It would be best if you started with low variance slots, see how the pay tables look like.

After understanding the deals, rewards, and the pattern between variant slot games, go high and aim big!

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