Slot games and movies share a long association. If it is a thriller, you might as well see the bad boys lurking around casinos, usually accompanied by pretty damsels. You can expect a high voltage action scene around a slot machine where the good guys are chasing the bad guys. That makes it least surprising for the slot machines to end up being named after some of the most famous movies of all time.

That actually makes for a win-win situation for both sides. Big-name movies have already had a big impact on people’s minds. So, with slot machines coming to be named after those, people are more likely to be drawn to such machines than otherwise.

Mentioned here are some of the best slot games inspired by movies.

Jurassic Park

It was in the early nineties – 1993, to be precise – that the first Jurassic Park film was released. The rest is history as it caught on people’s attention like no other. The film became an instant hit with both the young and old. In fact, such has been the film’s popularity that innumerable merchandise, services, and what not all went on to adorn the film’s logo.

Later in 2014, Microgaming licensed and launched a Jurassic Park themed slot and has come to be known as the best game to be based on a movie so far. To do justice to the slot’s naming, the five-reel and 243 ways game boasts of excellent graphics along with other features and depictions that contributed to the game’s popularity.

Cleopatra Slot Machine

Designed by International Gaming Technology, the Cleopatra online slot can be played in this Online Casino PA and it draws its inspiration from the movie by the same name that was released in 2012. Of course, the game or the movie traces their roots back to the enigmatic Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, and it’s only normal for the game to bear resemblances to the legendary historical figure, or the way she went on to be depicted in films.

As for the game, the Cleopatra slot game is different from others in that it comes with five reels instead of the usual three. Also, there are 20 pay lines that the players can use to place their bets, with each coin dropped in the slot will activate a single pay line. Also, of course, there are Egyptian cultures that get depicted in the game and serve as a reminder of the place that the legendary queen hailed from.

King Kong

We have had generations of filmgoers who grew up watching subsequent editions in the King Kong series. That was after the first King Kong was released way back in 1933 while the last time the all-powerful mythical character made it to the silver screen was in 2005.

Eventually, Playtech got hold of the gaming rights of the last King Kong movie in 2011 so that we now have the game with five reels and 20-lines. To pay homage to the all-powerful ape and his antics both in an urban or jungle environment, the game can be played in two different modes – Jungle and City. Then there are great graphics too that seems to bring it all alive and happening all over again.


The reference here is to the Russel Crowe hit movie by the same name that was released in 2000. The movie depicted the lives and times of the ancient Roman fighters who were pitched against often indomitable competitors in a game of blood and death, all in the name of fun for the elite class of the society.

The movie Gladiator also showcased how General Maximus played by Crowe used to be a close confidant of the Roman king but lost it all – his position, family, and even freedom, only to re-emerge as a gladiator. He then went on to challenge the king himself in the high arena and defeated him too but eventually fell to deceit and deception.

As for the game, the somber tone and graphics serve as a reminder of the grave plot of the movie. Other prominent characters from the film such as Juba the Champion, Commodus, Lucilla, and Proximo find mention in the game though, for reasons unknown, Crowe isn’t on that list.


The films need no introduction. It is a story of guts and grit, how Rocky Balboa beats all odds to defeat champion boxer Apollo Creed in a fight that becomes the turning point of his life. As for the game, it is another Playtech title and refers to the first four movies in the Rocky series.

The games also mention the opponents that Rocky had to take on in his fight, which includes such names as Creed, Clubber Lang, and Ivan Drago. The game might also lack excellent graphics though players can always look forward to the Knockout Bonus that might land their way.

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