Mobile online casino apps offer one of the best gaming experiences on the market. The convenience of having hundreds of different slots ready to go in your pocket is great for players of all experience levels. But what exactly are the games that you should be playing on your mobile? Here are five of the best mobile slots of the past decade which are still worth loading up today.

Mega Moolah

Even novice players are likely to have played Mega Moolah at some point in their lives. It is one of the most recognisable names on the market – and for good reason. Developed by Microgaming, the world famous brand came to mobile in the 2010s, much to the delight of players across the world. Incredible jackpots totaling millions of dollars have been one by countless players down the years. It’s not surprising it’s so popular.


From one industry behemoth to another, Starburst is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of different players from all across the world every single day. Featuring a bejeweled theme, Starburst captured the imagination when it hit the market in 2012. Featuring five reels and multiple paylines, the jackpots can be big and free spins are often offered by operators in order to entice new players in.

Football: Champions Cup

Any soccer fans out there are going to want to pay close attention to this next entry. It’s not often that a mobile slot offers you the chance to take part in a penalty shootout – but Football: Champions Cup lets you do exactly that. Far from simply being your standard slot in a soccer tournament skin, the game fully embraces its theme. Players compete in a European Championship themed tournament ladder against the CPU with those aforementioned penalty shootouts earning you all sorts of bonuses along the way.

Deal or No Deal

Gimmicky slots based on popular TV shows can either be awesome or fall well short of the mark. Deal or No Deal fits into the former category. This is one of the best slot machines for dummies as well, as it is such a basic concept. Much like in the show, the player has the chance to ‘deal’ or ‘no deal’ their spins. During each spin, an offer will flash up on the screen which the bettor can accept. Alternatively, the no deal option means the player receives whatever the reel lands on. Pretty neat isn’t it?

Book of Dead

The Book of Dead consistently ranks as one of the most popular slots on all the best online casino sites. Featuring an adventurous archaeologist by the name of Rich Wilde in later iterations, it was first released by Play’n Go in 2015 and could be played seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices. One of the best things about Book of Dead is that it offers players ample chance to level up and win rewards. It also boasts a maximum prize of £500,000. Not too shabby.

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