Even in this epoch of music streaming apps, having a local music collection is familiar with the music buffs. People use album or song names and images besides being cool to look at, and album arts are also helpful to recognize the collection.

It also makes your collection look perfect.offered free CD covers for downloading. We are providing you with a list of websites similar to from where you can download free ‘high-quality’ CD cover images to use for your local song collection, or you can also use your playlist cover image for Spotify Playlists, which is even better if you want to show them off.

10 Popular Sites


CDcovers.cc might have been the most popular website for CD covers, yet locating album art with MusicBrainz is quite simple. What you have to do is to search for an artist or album name, and you’ll see a ton of results for it. Select the album you’re watching for, and it will perhaps bring up many editions from various regions.

It’s simple to create an account on MusicBrainz, and after logging in to the website, you will find an efficient section where you can clear out all your doubts. On the upper right corner, there is a search panel from where you can sort according to the artist, event, recording or release and then search the genre.

It will fetch all the results related to the search term which will have additional information like functional years of the artist, gender of the artist or year of the album you can also sort your query with the help of the bottom menu in which you can get more filtered results.


Talking about coverbox3.net, this site is similar to the www.CDcovers.cc it offers you three essential options 1st is ‘search covers,’ 2nd is ‘add a cover,’ and 3rd ‘add request’ but the best feature of this website is the advanced search. With the help of advanced search, it is easier to search for the desired CD cover.

It also offers you the option to download the file in high quality, extra high quality and custom size, where you can search with the help of title and language also you can also filter out results through the section of the first album.


Quite similar to all CD cover websites, ‘ seek cover’ offers an extensive database of CD covers where you can search the database with the help of the album name. The website has different search boxes for CD covers and DVD databases, and it also gives you the option to browse the list with alphabetical order; to download, you have to right-click on the file and save it to your desktop.


Website CD-covers.com is a database for all the CD covers websites. It is a website directory for all the CD covers website, but finding an existing website here is a tough task because most of the sites mentioned on the web page are either blocked or not working else the domains have expired. Even more, to add to it, they had given no detailed information about any website, apart from just mentioning the focus keywords of the websites.



Cover century website also offers CD covers and DVD covers but additionally what it offers is artworks of games, here you can download Nintendo DS, Gameboy, color Gameboy, advance Gameboy, 3DS, WI Sega, Saturn Sega, master Sega, CD PlayStation 4, PlayStation 2, PlayStation, NES genesis, game Q and 3D like categories.

Hence similar to . It contains over 50000 album art covers, and they also update new audio covers and DVD covers every week. When you open the website, you will see recently added covers from where you can find out the required cover.

One major con of the website is there is no advance option for search; on the top right column, you can search the genre or the artist only. Hence I will rate it only 3/10 because the sorting option is inferior, and we cannot filter out the results as provided in specific other sites.


An Elite looking website Discogs offers a vast database of CD covers. The web site’s name is the short form for discography. It has a crowdsourced database that includes audio recordings, commercial and promotional genres, and also off-label releases. It is being owned by zinc media. It has over 11 million releases in its database. One can search its vast database and find out desired CD covers.

It allows searching by various levels, for instance; if you search about Justin Timberlake on this page, you will find all the information regarding the artist that is the actual name, his profile, his website, analysis, variations and all the albums released by him; the menu provided above the search result can also sort it quickly. There are various options to filter the search results, so this is an excellent website in comparison to for downloading high-quality CD covers.


A tidy website which offers free covers and different artwork for all the music, TV shows, movie podcasts, books, software, and apps. The website calls it an ‘artwork search engine.’ USP of the website is ‘iTunes album covers,’ here on the website, you find a vast database that can be filtered out, or you can search the desired music by a first search panel provided on the top.

The most annoying thing about the website is the scrolling advertisements, which partially cover the screen and make it tough for the user to work on the website, yet it has a clean interface and easy to search panel just like .


Website USP is 4K UHD Blu-ray covers, but it also offers movies DVD covers and CD covers and also deals in game-covers and non-English genres, you can find your desired album by the help of search option which is inadequate because it does not offer to filter out unwanted results offers you to select a category and put the search term.

So for searching just put the term and select the category in which you want to search, it has a wide variety of downloadable music CD covers yet advertisement on the website is distracting.


CoverArtworks is an online marketplace providing pre-made and custom Album cover art and graphic design services by graphic designers to musicians and bands. It is a different kind of website because you have to login or have to continue as a guest; as soon as you log in to the website, it opens up a chat box where you can chat and find out the desired art cover page.

The chatbox is annoying. The website is different from the type of website in a few advanced features. There is a section named how it works in which you can learn about using the website. You can also browse all the album covers. All of them are paid, and the cost is also on the higher side because I wasn’t able to find any artwork less than $50.

The site has a sizeable amount of high definition 4K art work. If you are looking for great pre-made album cover art, this website may help you out because the quality of the art is outstanding.


Vinyl album covers offer you good quality artworks the same as you can find all kinds of CD album covers like episodes, lyrics, sheets, and record labels. As you find various pieces of information about the music you are searching for, the size of the downloadable file is also quite right and pictures are in high resolution.

You can also sort out results in alphabetical order, or you can search the genre you are looking for. The main con is that the search button is located at the bottom left, which is tough to find. Overall, the website is for those users who are searching for not only CD covers but also for all the related information about the album or genre.

Apart from all these websites similar to, if you cannot find the desired CD covers for yourself. Alternatively, you may also try to search for Google images because ‘Google Images’ is having a massive database of CD covers and artworks. Another way to download high-quality CD covers is from Amazon; on Amazon.

You can search for streaming music, and then you can download the artwork from the results. The default size of the downloadable media on Amazon is 400 into 400 pixels, but you can change the size of downloadable media up to 1400 to 1400 pixels according to your requirement.

Just by clicking on the media, you want to download and then changing the resolution mentioned in the URL to the resolution you want. Then just by clicking enter, you will be able to download the media in your desired size.

Thank you. I hope I have covered all the relevant popular websites like for any other queries to drop a comment.

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