Myp2p is a site that offers free live streams of games like soccer, American football, basketball, tennis, boxing, volleyball, rugby, etc. It is a fantastic platform for sports lovers as it brings all the sports on one plate.

You can watch ongoing matches or get sport-related news and keep an eye on upcoming tournaments. Myp2p is very popular as it has a simple and attractive interface. Sports events are streamed in high-quality and run on all browsers.

 This is how myp2p works: It collects live streams of different sports from various sources and puts them together so that the users can easily find them. It is entirely free, and the events are telecasted concerning the European timeline since the country domain in the EU.

But if for some reason, you are looking for another alternative solution or you cannot find your favourite sport on myp2p, you can go through the list below. There are various other sites like myp2p that can be worth it.

Best Alternative to Myp2p


ATDHE is another live sport streaming website that is very minimalistic and simple. You certainly do not need much flair while watching a live game. A list of sports is available on the homepage as soon as you click the official website.

It has a good collection of football live TV matches and is among the top-rated sports streaming websites. It also features a social widget that displays the number of people that are watching the sport. Like myp2p, ATHDE has high-quality videos and is free.


Without a doubt, Live TV has one of the best selection of sports matches that stream on the Internet. It is not just a free sport streaming website, it offers a lot of videos about your favourite game and players, sports highlights, fun information about the team, and it notifies live scores even when you are not watching the game. You can also stream more than one game together. If you have Flash installed, you can easily watch almost all streams, but you may need to install additional software to watch some games.


A well-organized and well-developed website, wiziwig is an excellent online source for getting live streaming of most of the popular sports channels. It provides streaming services all over the world. It is a perfect choice if you want to stream football matches. Like myp2p, it has a clean and comfortable interface.


It is a fantastic alternative for myp2p. VIPLeague can stream sports content in different languages like Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Dutch, English, etc. However, it does have ads displaying when attempting to watch a stream or during the stream.

You will be fine if you have your ad blocker on. It is a vast streaming platform for almost all sports and has high flexibility and compatibility. So, if you are willing to stream on your smartphone or tablet, it is the right choice.


As you probably can guess from the name, this website is developed explicitly for cricket lovers. It features cricket-related news and videos but also streams other games like football, volleyball, hockey, etc.

Cricfree is mobile-friendly and operates nicely on Android or iOS. It is much more than a sport streaming website. It connects you to millions of sports fans from the world and lets you chat with them. You can also create chatrooms with people having the same interests. Like myp2p, its interface is clean and user-friendly.


Another excellent alternative to myp2p, stream hunter, provides a flexible streaming service to watch live sports matches. It is prevalent among sports lovers as live games can be streamed without any hassle.

You do not require any sign-up; you can just type the name and start streaming. There are different categories of video-quality, like standard and high-quality. It has an easy to understand interface. StreamHunter also has a new sports website that offers regular sport-related news.


It provides a variety of games but mainly focusses on football, so most of the links that you will find here will be of football matches. The website is regularly updated with new features and the latest games and events.

It is an open and free source website, and you do not need to install any other software to stream games here. You will not see many ads while streaming. Videos are of high-quality, and the website is sleek and straightforward.


Yet another alternative to myp2p, Streamwood, is one of the largest sport streaming websites on the Internet. It streams all web-based sports TV channels. You can also browse an archive of old games to watch their replays.

Live scores are notified 24/7, so you do not miss out on anything even when you are not watching the game. The website is well-arranged into different sections and sub-sections. It is free, simple, and easy to use.

Sports Lemon

Sports Lemon is another excellent alternative for myp2p. The homepage of the website keeps a real-time list of all the ongoing matches and the ones that are about to begin, so you do not need to search if your favourite team is playing.

This live streaming platform has the best 3D and HD effects and sublime visual functions. The website is easy to use and does not require you to download any third-party software to start streaming.


Another live sports event streaming website, MamaHD, is well-organized into various categories and sub-categories according to different sports. It has incredible sound effects and HD video quality. The website is beautiful, with a clean and beautiful interface.

It is not entirely free; some sections are paid. It is compatible with all browsers and devices. It allows viewing of match highlights and schedules without a subscription. Unlike other sites like myp2p, MamaHD provides sport-related news too.


Although it is a relatively newer website, StrikeOut is another brilliant alternative to myp2p because it has a variety of sports to stream online. Live streaming becomes more comfortable as there is no hassle or interruptions in between the streams.

You need to install or update Abode Flash Player to watch videos here. It is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. If you want to watch NBA, NFL, or MLB matches, this is probably the best choice.

This one is more prevalent in Austria, but you can get sport-related content from around the globe. You can enjoy a variety of live sports with unforgettable highlights. You will also get to see interviews and background events to get a detailed insight into your favourite game.

Actual content can be accessed for free, but you need to sign-up for other exclusive content. They feature some fantasy games as well. The website works well both on the web and mobile phones.


As the name suggests, the website is developed to cater to all the needs of sports lovers. It is very reliable and comes with a lot of handy features. You can find a variety of sports available that are neatly categorized with a clean and straightforward design. You can watch videos hassle-free for as long as you want to. The website can be accessed from anywhere and has many features that enable you to sort your search.


Another popular live sports streaming website like myp2p, VIP Box, allows you to watch all sports for free. The website is legal, and it indexes only legal streams. The website has an attractive interface with free access.

However, it experiences lags sometimes due to its minimal optimization. It supports seven languages. The website’s URL changes very frequently, so you might face a problem in keeping track of it.

Batman Stream

When making a list of alternatives to myp2p, you cannot miss this one. Batman Stream is very popular among sports lovers. You can watch soccer, NFL football, volleyball, rugby, and many other sports for free from anywhere in the world.

It searches for live online sports streams and gathers them for its users. Streams in Batman Stream does not work while your ad blocker is on, so you must switch it off before attempting to watch a game.

It also allows users to communicate through group chats. You can also search for specific competitions and leagues, which is usually preferred by football fans.


If you are a fan of motorsports, this one is for you. Unlike other sites like myp2p, Sportsrar has many handy features, including a customized time zone setting, so you can easily keep track of the time of your favourite event in your native time zone. It does not work very well with pop-up ad blockers, so if you want to have a hassle-free experience, make sure you turn it off.

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