Many of our readers and a lot of people have been wondering as to what happened to Allcdcovers and whether there are other popular sites like Allcdcovers. Well, rest assured, since there are some sites which are quite famous and specialize in what Allcdcovers was known for.

These sites will be listed in this article, but, before that, some readers may be wondering what Allcdcovers was? Since it makes no sense in discussing a site’s alternatives, when one does not know the primary purpose of the site, we will be first listing out what allcdcovers was and why it was so popular, followed by some of its alternative options.

What was Allcdcovers?


Allcdcovers was a top-rated site back in the day. However, it has been removed from the internet, and now the users cannot access the same. So what was allcdcovers about, and why did it get removed? Allcdcovers was a bit of rage back in the day with the college crowd and the youngsters.

The site allowed the user to download the latest CD covers and the latest DVD covers. The popularity was that users could download the latest songs and, more importantly, movies, thus, saving money for the college-going students who would have had to pay to watch the movies.

This was helpful for those who did not wish to pay but wanted to view and listen to the latest entertainment in the form of movies, shows, and songs. But, we all know nothing is truly free. After some time, the site got taken down due to some personal reasons (that are not to be mentioned in this article) and for leaking movies, shows, and potentially reducing the customers of the cinema outlets.

Since then, many users have been wondering whether there are similar sites available that offer the same, uncomplicated experience that was offered by allcdcovers. If you, too, are wondering about the same, worry not since that has been provided below. Given below are some of the significant sites that, in terms of usage, are the same as allcdcovers.

Sites That Are Similar to Allcdcovers

The first alternative to allcdcovers,, is the universal CD Cover source. It offers an extensive and comfortable CD cover archive. It has a huge database of high-quality CD covers and DVD Covers.

Another alternative to the Allcdcovers site, album art, allows the user to find covers fast in the optimized search engine present on the site. It is effortless to access the site, and it has a multitude of CD covers for ease of users.


A bit of a better site in terms of various options, since the Covertarget site allows the user to gain access to Audio, PC, Xbox, PSX, PS 2, DVD covers, and cover software. More is available on the site, but these are some of the major features offered by the site.

CD Universe

A site that emphasizes being very user friendly, CD Universe can allow the user to shop Online for CDs, DVDs, videos, and games. It offers audio samples as well, with reviews for the covers.

The final alternative to allcdcovers,, is one of the biggest and most popular options for CD covers and DVD covers. However, some of the issues with this site are that it blocks some users. You may be wondering how you can access the site since this is quite a popular alternative.

How to Access

Many people may have tried to access and failed. If you, too, are amongst the same, you may wonder how to access the site. Given below are two primary methods of accessing

Method 1: Use of A VPN

One of the simplest ways to access not only the Free covers site but many other sites is the use of a VPN. A VPN is a medium to access the internet by creating a virtual network. There are free VPNs and paid VPNs. Free VPNs will do your work with ease, but they will lead to a slowdown in internet speeds. Paid VPNs will provide slightly better security (since VPNs are usually used to protect your data) and not lead to a slowdown. Given below are some of the steps to follow to use VPNs.

  1. Download a VPN of your choice (be it free or paid)
  2. Open the app
  3. Choose the location that you want your VPN to select (This will lead to the internet believing you are in some other country/nation)
  4. Press Connect.
  5. Your VPN connection is now set up. Go to your favorite site that you are unable to access, and it will work.

Method 2: Use of Proxy Server

Another method is the use of Proxy Servers. What is a Proxy? You may be wondering so too if you, too, we’re wondering about the same. A proxy server is a server application or appliance that acts as an intermediary for clients (as stated by Wikipedia). Now, coming to how to use a proxy, the steps are given below.

  1. Open your computer and go to settings.
  2. Open or Click Tools option.
    Choose Internet options (since Proxy is related to your internet connection)
  3. Select Connections Tab present in Internet options.
  4. Click LAN (Local Area Network) settings.
  5. Check the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” box. This will start the LAN option.
  6. Enter the IP Address of the server of your choice and the Port Number.
    Step 8: Click OK

With the steps given above, you can start or initiate a Proxy for your device, which will allow ease of access to your favorite sites (In this case,

This concludes our article; we hope this has been of immense help, and you were able to find various alternatives to Allcdcovers and understand how to access them if they are not accessible.

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