Free! Free! Free!

Wait for a second! Do you mean to say free movies? And I can watch as many as I like? Boy, you must be joking! I pay a handsome amount every month so that I can watch my favorite shows and movies!

This is the reaction of people who spend loads of money every year just so that they can take out some time from their busy schedule and chill out. This money might be spent on a cable connection or buying loads of DVDs or maybe subscribing to a streaming platform.

Say goodbye to the old times and welcome the new trend. The era of the online sharing community.

For those who are still stuck in the old era, an online sharing community is a website where people from different corners of the world come together and share their opinions about almost every entertainment content, be it movies, sitcoms, books, video games, anime, music or maybe just the cute cat video you saw yesterday.

Tehparadox was a leading website for this online sharing community.

Is it cable? Is it a DVD shop? No, Its Tehparadox!


Tehparadox has been a true hero and changed the way we perceive the means of acquiring modes of entertainment. The site not only provided platforms where people can discuss various subjects of interest but also offered a vast range of this content to watch from, movies, tv shows, anime, e-books.

Its good quality content, easy to use user interface, and up to date content made it a trendy choice among the people.

The kryptonite to our hero

Our very own superman, Tehparadox, also had some weaknesses, just like other superheroes.

Due to some reasons, which are not known, the site got crashed one fine day, and ever since, the owners of the website have shut the website down. The worst part is that it is not known when the site will start working again or whether it will be started or not.

The fact might sound scary to the users of the Tehparadox, but it is quite right. The users are not entirely happy with the decision as well, and this is quite clear after reading the various forums present all over the internet.

Although we cannot bring our hero back from the dead, the least we can do is provide a list of alternative websites that might replace the Tehparadox, which we curated and listed out, especially for our readers. The sites have many similarities with Tehparadox and keep the entertainment mania going.

Hassle-Free Websites


123movies is yet another famous website which comes in mind whenever we think of online movie streaming. One great thing about 123movies is that it has a clean and user-friendly website, which makes its usability way better than those typical websites with endless click baits and giant ad banners.

Apart from the downloading facility, it also provides a comment section for its users. One can read the comments and know more about the movie before downloading it.

All these factors plus the high definition movies, videos, sitcom, etc. which you can either stream online or download, makes this site one of the excellent substitutes for Tehparadox.


The website has been giving Tehparadox a tough competition for a long time. The website works quite like Tehparadox and has a vast range of movies. Apart from this, the site also provides access to an extensive range of Tv shows, songs, e-books, and various software. This gives the site a benefit against other options available on the internet


HDTShare is yet another best alternative for Tehparadox. The website provides a vast range of movies and keeps them sorted based on their video quality such as High Definition, Blu Ray, Moderate quality, etc.

Apart from the movies, one can also download games for various popular consoles/ devices like Play Station 2, Play Station 3, Xbox 360, PC, etc. Tv shows are available to stream online. One can also request a specific show, and it will get uploaded by someone available on the network.

The site also provides you connectivity with other users and share suggestions.


The site is quite like the previous websites mentioned above but takes a step ahead from them by providing a broader range of video quality options to choose from. These include 4k Ultra HD, Blu Ray / DVD-R, BRRIP / BDRIP, CAM, etc. along with video games, this site also provides a decent range of Animes, audiobooks, etc.

A quick look through the website will help you discover new content.


Watch free is a website, slowly gaining popularity in the world of the internet. The makers of watch free have made the website with a user-friendly user interface.

A handy feature of the website is its “watch later” option. This helps in saving the movies and TV shows of interest for watching later. One can also download the series and films of all genres without any restrictions from this website.

6. Los

If you are looking for a hassle-free website with fresh and up to date content, then losmovies might be your cup of tea! The website has some of the best movies and other collections online.

The website claims to have zero redirections, and thus, downloading a movie will not end up in 12 running tabs. Films with English subtitles are available for the whole collection of movies and videos.


There are websites which you understand as soon as you start using it, then there are some who take some time to understand. 1movies is the latter one. The user interface is not quite appealing and a bit monotonous, but as we keep using it, we start to get the hang of it.

The availability of high-quality movies and a plethora of entertaining videos make it a reliable alternative for tehparadox. You are more likely to find your favorite movies here than any other website, and this makes you use the website more frequently.


Yet another website for getting all the content. However, the site is not much popular.


It has a wide variety of games, movies, shows to choose from. One can also put up a request for a movie or series, and other users can upload them.


TubiTV is one good website, slowly gaining popularity in the market. The site is simple and hassle-free. It lets you stream all the movies and TV shows for absolutely free. The site keeps suggesting the user about the upcoming movies and shows and also recommends popular content.

One demerit with the site is that it requires the user to register first, before accessing the content. But once registered, the site would not bug you from time to time.

The registration is free of cost.


A simple and cool alternative for Tehparadox, crackle provides a clean user interface that is easy to understand. This site also requires registration but later does not interrupt between the user and his or her movies.


Yet another site that requires registration to be done before accessing it. Once you select the forums of your choice, you will start receiving messages about those topics. You can thus quickly locate the movies, videos, electronic books, music, anime, shows, etc. which suit your taste.


Although the site requires registration before accessing the content, this site helps you get connected to other users in a significant way. It contains forums for various discussions. The request option and uploading option is also available. One can also access a person’s uploads and connect with other people.


For all those anime lovers out there, consider this site is a gift to you. As the name suggests, this site mainly deals with the Japanese Anime genre. The site provides a plethora of anime movies and series to choose from and that too in high definition to enhance the viewing experience

One plus point of the site is the feature to share your collection with others, which furthermore increases the size of the collection available on it.


2chan is yet again a popular site among anime fans. It is a full anime site. Although the site contains adult content as well, which would not be appropriate for children below the age of 18. The site does not contain a checkpoint to remind the about the adult content in the beginning and thus should be kept away from under-age children.

The site also contains some computer games.


Unlike other websites, this one is an image-based website where we search for content via images. When compared to Tehparadox, one demerit is that there is no age restriction available on this website even when the site contains adult content.


The following websites are quite sufficient for users to enjoy their content. We hope that the Tehparadox comes back on track very soon, and these websites keep improving their work to aim for the stars.

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