Paying hefty monthly subscription fees to stream giants like Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video to stream your favorite movie and TV shows is not what all of us can afford. Moreover, a fair amount of people also believe that it is just a waste of money. If you belong to one of these groups of people who do not pay to watch content, then I’m sure that one of the most used ways by you to get access to free content on the Internet is torrenting.

And this is not a wild guess I am making, but an educated one, since it is estimated that BitTorrent (the application mostly used for torrenting) generated 2.4% of downstream traffic and almost 25% of upstream traffic last year. These stats are enough to prove the popularity that torrent has gained over time, with millions of users currently using this peer-to-peer file transfer service to download their desired content for free.

Torrent is a popular way to download content, has seen immense development over time, and many torrent clients and websites have come into existence. One such torrent website that was extremely famous among torrent users was, Taquilladivx. It was a website that was frequently visited by torrent users but recently was taken down by the authorities.

Taquilladivx served its users for a very long time before being taken down, and people often search for a site as good as it was to fulfill their torrenting needs. If you are one of those people, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will talk about some of the famous sites like Taquilladivx available for use, along with their features. We will also talk about torrent, what it is, and how to use it safely and everything necessary you should know before visiting these websites.

What was taquilladivx, and what happened to it?


Taquilladivx was a torrent website used by torrent users to download their desired piece of content. It was like any usual torrent website which you could use to find torrent links and download them using a torrent client. The site had a clean UI and was wildly popular among torrent users due to its extensive collection of torrent links in every category, be it movies or TV shows or software or anime or even eBooks.

However, Taquilladivx also met a fate that most of the websites of its kind meet; the authorities took it down since it was distributing copyrighted content without any authorization, which is, of course, an illegal thing to do. Although, that does not mean it is the end of the world since there are a ton of such websites to fulfill all your torrenting needs, and below we have shortlisted some of the best ones out of those.

One thing to note before moving forward is that using torrent might not be an illegal thing to do, but downloading illegal content using torrent can get you in trouble, which is why you should use a proper VPN connection before visiting any of the site mentioned below.

Taquilladivx alternatives

The Pirate Bay

If you ask any torrent user, what is there all-time favorite torrent site, all of them are going to give you the same answer, The Pirate Bay? The reason for it being so popular is its massive library of torrent links where you can find and download all the latest as well as the old content.

Also, it is one of the few sites that have managed to evade the authorities for a very long and successfully have kept themselves from being taken down. The quality of links on this site is also excellent, with an average download speed of 6.2MBps.


YTS is another very famous site among regular torrent users. Although the name of this site and its look is the same as the YTS/YIFY group, it is not connected to them whatsoever. This site is mostly used by people to download pirated movies, and you can get a decent enough download speed of 3.2MBps while downloading from this site.

This is another one of those long-running sites like The Pirate Bay that has made its name in terms of reliability among many torrent users and therefore has become a go-to site for anyone looking to download the latest movies.

If a friendly-looking site with a neat and simple UI is what you are looking for in a torrent site, then 1337x is just the site for you. Each page on this site is designed to make it look visually appealing and easy to use.

Although, that does not mean that site lacks anywhere in content or quality. The links on this site are of very high-quality, and you will be able to find all sorts of movies and TV shows links. Also, the average download speed you can get on this site is 4.2MBps.


Just like YTS, which is a go-to site for movie enthusiasts, EZTV is the go-to site for TV show enthusiasts. It is a typical torrent site with a basic UI that has hundreds of torrent links for you laid out in a list form, thus making it a very lightweight site. 

The site has also seen immense growth in the last few years and is currently ranked in the top 1000 websites. The site offers an acceptable download speed of 3.2MBps. The site offers a handy feature in the form of a “Countdown” list, which is a list of torrent links that are soon going to be available on the website.


RARBG is another one of those all-time favorite sites like YTS and The Pirate Bay and has been around since 2008. This site has gathered a massive fan base over time solely because of its quality of content, which is always up-to-date and has been ranked at the top with other famous websites.

RARBG, apart from being a public website, offers a login feature as well for interested people. However, RARBG is also blocked in many countries due to its illegal distribution of copyrighted content but can be accessed through a VPN. In terms of download speed, RARBG links offer an excellent 6.1 Mbps speed.


Up until now, we have talked about sites which have been in the game for around 10-12 years, compared to that, Zooqle is a relatively new site. Despite being a not-so-old site, Zooqle has earned its rank at the top with the big names, all thanks to its quality of torrent links.

Zooqle not only offers torrent links for movies and TV shows but also for books and games as well. The layout of the site is neat and straightforward, and the search bar works very effectively, offering you precise results. Zooqle currently gets almost 7.7 million visitors per month, which speaks volumes about the popularity of the site.

Lime Torrents

Lime torrents is a simple torrent site without any fancy feature to make it stand out. However, it is still a widely popular site due to its ability to provide the latest torrent links in a clean and straightforward look layout.

This site can be used as an alternative if, for some reason, your favorite site is not working. However, that does not mean that this site is of no use as a primary option. Lime torrents have the top 50 list for every category, which makes it easy to browse for the latest content; however, the site does not have a good reputation for keeping the old links intact.


If you are an anime fan or are looking for a site that has the most comprehensive collection of eBook torrent links, then Torlock is one of the sites you should visit. The UI of the site simple and searching through links is relatively straightforward.

The collection of the site is extensive as well, and you will not have any problem finding your favorite anime or book. The site also offers a decent enough download speed of almost 4mbps, and the quality of the content is also good. is not precisely what you call a torrent site. It does not provide you with torrent links for downloading content but instead provides you with data regarding what are the currently most downloaded torrents. It shows data in the form of graphs which are divided into different categories like movies, TV shows, books, etc. It might not be a site for everyone, but it is a beneficial one for some people.

Torrent Downloads

Torrent download is another well-organized and clean looking site with an extensive collection of movies, both old and new. Other than movies, this site also has links for, not just new but old software and eBooks as well.

However, this site is again blocked in many countries, and for accessing it, you might require a VPN connection. The average download speed of the site is on the lower end at just around 2mbps. Nonetheless, it is a great, no-nonsense option if your favorite site is not working for some reason.

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