If you’re the proud owner of a shiny Mac computer, you’ll know how intuitive and responsive these devices are. You’re probably also making use of most of your computer’s features. But plenty of Mac users could be getting even more out of their machine.

Take your Mac — and the way you use it — to the next level by increasing your productivity, properly securing your computer, and saving yourself time with these seven tips for Mac users.

Let’s get started with our number-one hack.

1. Use a Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short, is a clever security solution that accomplishes several things: it shields your internet activity, allows you to virtually change your IP address, and encrypts any data transmissions you make.

You can see how getting a VPN for Mac users can better protect your device from a rising number of macOS threats and keep your online activity private.

As an added bonus, you’ll be able to unlock geo-blocked content, allowing you to truly get the most out of the world wide web.

2. Ditch the scanner

One odd thing about the 21st century is that despite how technologically advanced we’ve become, we still have to print, sign, and then upload and send documents. Indeed, a signature is still the benchmark when it comes to personal notarization.

But did you know that you can skip the tedious process above by signing documents in your Mac’s email app without leaving email? Set up a digital signature and sign away without the time drain.

3. Spotlight it

You are probably savvy about how useful the humble Spotlight app is, but did you know that you can also use it to hunt down hard to find files? Including those documents you put in a “safe” virtual space and are now proving impossible to locate.

Just open Spotlight by pushing Command and Space and type into the search box that appears.

4. Hide a window quickly

If you regularly use your Mac for work, it’s likely that you have numerous windows open at once. To quickly hide the ones you don’t need in the immediate moment, push Command and H. The app window will disappear into the background.

Don’t worry, it hasn’t shut down or disappeared for good. Just use Command and Tab to quickly pull up the hidden windows.

5. Instant definitions

Unless you’re an absolute master wordsmith, the chances are that you frequently encounter lexical items you’re not familiar with. To clear up any confusion without having to consult an online dictionary or make a Google search, let your Mac do the work.

Next time you see an unknown word, highlight it, then push down on it with your Force Track Touchpad and a dictionary definition will appear. As easy as pie.

6. Emoji your desktop folders

Perhaps the idea of starting work in the morning fills you with dread. Or maybe you are a visual person who just happens to love emojis. Either way, changing your desktop items into emojis is a fun way to stay organized. Who knows, it might even put more pep in your step when it comes to beginning work.

There’s a little bit of a process involved, but it’s definitely worth it. Cnet has a guide to emojiing your folders here.

7. View apps at the same time without minimizing

In an ideal world, we would all have two screens to work and play on. But there’s less need to invest in an additional monitor when you can easily view two apps simultaneously with your Mac’s in-built Split View function.

To enable Split View, head to the upper left-hand of a window and hover your icon above the green full-screen button. Then choose between tiling your screen to Left of Screen or Right of Screen. When you’re ready to exit the split screen mode, just press Escape on your keyboard.

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