Are you excited to know about the top 10 cryptocurrencies in 2021? If yes, then this writing would be worthwhile for you because we are here with the top 10 cryptocurrencies in 2021. There are many cryptocurrencies dominating the decentralized finance market, which investors can invest in, but each and every cryptocurrency is not an ideal choice. These are the cryptos that have given perfect returns this year. Still, it is advised that before taking any decision of investing in cryptocurrency, take advice from your financial advisor. So are the Top 10 cryptocurrencies in 2021:

1. Bitcoin: This coin ranks first on our list with its highest liquidity. This currency has maintained its stability in the market despite improper regulations in DeFi. Many companies have also started accepting Bitcoins for transactions. So, start making bitcoin profit now.

2. Litecoin: Ranking second on our list with similar liquidity and faster transaction speeds, there could be 84 Million Litecoins in the Decentralized Finance. The mining and block validation of this coin can be done in just two minutes.

3. Ethereum: This coin has an excellent reputation in the market loyal investors. When Bitcoin and Dogecoin were experiencing fluctuations, Ethereum remained remarkably stable, with an increased evaluation in upcoming years.

4. Cardano: This cryptocurrency is included in our list for being an affordable investment for many while increasing strength in the market since 2015. Many investors, mainly from Japan, have their suitable investments in it.

5. Binance Coin: If you think of including different types of coins in your assets, you will benefit from Binance. The coin has rapidly increased its exchange in past years. Lot many transactions done on the platform are that of BNB.

6. Ripple: The intention behind its launch was providing finance settlement services for financial institutions. This coin has collaborated with many international banks, including the Bank of America, yet it follows the DeFi system.

7. Dogecoin: Elon Musk never stops tweeting about it. And with his statements, the currency has tremendous fame and potential. The firm SpaceX by Elon Musk has started accepting Dogecoins, making it attractive to investors.

8. TRON: The coin was founded with an identical blockchain as Ethereum in 2017, but currently, this coin owns an independent blockchain of itself. There are many decentralized apps on it, which are playing crucial roles in DeFi.

9. Bitcoin Cash: As we have explained in our previous article on Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash, this coin is gaining fame due to the continuous speculations that have been made on Bitcoin. The market cap of this coin is also relatively high.

10. ZCash: The tracking system of this cryptocurrency is different than Bitcoin. ZCash tracks the transactions made by investors. If you are willing to add up more different coins into your wallets, then you can grab out this coin too.

That rounds up our compilation for the top 10 cryptocurrencies in 2021. If you found this article informative, be sure to share, and also check our other articles all about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Catch you in the next one!

Disclaimer: All information herein contained is based on online research and public reference materials. The site or author does not endorse cryptocurrencies in general, and this article must not influence your financial decisions.

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