Are you looking out for popular ways of getting Bitcoin for free? If yes, no need to continue your search since we are here to guide you out with that. Most investors love investing in Bitcoin due to the potential in the crypto community, its performance, and the ease of trading. But the uncertainty surrounding Bitcoin also makes it mentally challenging before investing in it. So most investors lookout for ways to earn Bitcoin for free, which exactly what today’s topic is.

  1. Coin Tiply: This website is the go-to choice and quite helpful for investors who are looking for free Bitcoins. The investors can get Bitcoins for free of cost by completing the assigned tasks within the given period. The tasks are relatively simple, too, such as surveys, quizzes, polls, etc. However, the process of earning Bitcoins for free on this platform is too slow, but Coin Tiply is quite suitable for those who don’t have any experience.
  2. Coinbase Earn: For earning free Bitcoin rush login using Coinbase, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go on the website of earning Coinbase.

Step 2: There the user has to create an account is free.

Step 3: Then, they need to continue further by learning about any of the available cryptocurrencies.

  1. Earn Bitcoin By Playing Games: Users can also earn Bitcoin by playing games; just follow the steps below:

Step 1: First of all, the users are required to download and install influence client by Zebedee

Step 2: Then, the users need to install the wallet of Zebedee on the phone.

Step 3: Then, the users have to be up with connecting Zebedee with infuse client of the stream account.

Step 4: Then, all the available servers will be shown to the users, along with the fees required for entrance.

  1. Binance: This website provides Bitcoin wallet addresses using which users can spend and directly get Bitcoins.
  2. CEX: This website has dozens of similarities with Binance and offers the same services; from another company.
  3. Earn Free Bitcoins By Shopping: Shopping, whether online or in stores, had been the quickest method of earning rewards on goodies. For certain stores and online marketplaces, Bitcoin and other cryptos are offered for shopping.
  4. Earn Free Bitcoins By Working For Sites: One of the most legitimate ways out there, just like you would earn Bitcoins by completing quizzes and polls, you can earn by doing more focused tasks for certain sites and services, which in return, offer rewards in Bitcoin. Here are the most popular, legal, and authorized sites for earning Bitcoin.
  • CoinTiply
  • CoinAlity
  • CryptoGrind
  • Jobs4Bitcoins

8. Earning Free Bitcoins By Means Of Trading: Quite common and legitimate method of earning free Bitcoins is, of course, by trading with your existing possessions. In this method, you can purchase Bitcoins when available at lower rates and then sell those off when they suddenly boom in price. Typical market trading, as I would describe!

9. Earn Free Bitcoins By Lending: The users can earn free Bitcoins by lending and making profits. By lending Bitcoins, investors can get returns from 3% up to 8%. But before lending, be cautious as this industry is unregulated.

So this was all regarding the nine popular ways of earning free Bitcoins. We expect that this writing has cleared most of your doubts. So if you loved reading this writing, then be sure to check out our similar, notable writings on crypto.

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