There is an excellent range of benefits to transferring a PDF document with other people. In addition to maintaining the original file format, PDFs are typically easy to distribute or view and often operate well on all leading operating systems. Having these characteristics is an advantage for those who routinely manage a massive amount of digital content online.

Fortunately, using the most reliable online conversion tool on the market, it’s simple to turn your Word documents into a PDF file. However, finding this specific tool could be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start. In this post, you will be exploring a remarkable tool that allows you to convert regardless of what type of device you are using.

How to Convert on Windows?

It could be time-consuming to convert DOC to PDF when relying on PDF conversion tools, as you are not sure whether the specific feature will provide the result you need. Before you can even begin converting your files, several online tools can flash you with several advertisements. Luckily, with PDFBear, you don’t have to experience those inconveniences.

When adding PDFBear to your go-to conversion tool, it is relatively easy to convert Word documents to PDF. Any user employing this tool can use its free DOC to PDF feature in just a fraction of seconds. Besides, the platform only uses a convenient service that will allow you to convert files without any hassle in a simplified four-step process. Below are the examples.

  1. Head through your default search browser on your computer and open the official PDFBear homepage. You may need to pick out the desired files from your file manager that require immediate conversion. When the selection is completed, forward the copies to the server for your records to be recognized.
  2. During the second stage, the PDFBear will load and scan your Word documents. It would be simpler to allow the website to do its work by waiting to finish checking your files.
  3. The platform will now begin transforming your files after adequate scanning. At this point, it will typically take a few minutes to convert the files entirely, but depending on the stability of your internet connection, it will take more.
  4. The site will provide a download option in the fourth and final stage of the conversion once your file is completed successfully. When downloading a PDF file, you have the opportunity to save it in your online storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox, as these storages are better to save some space from your computer’s storage.

How to Convert on Android?

With the rapid growth of people using mobile devices in making online processes, it is clear to note that PDF is the most frequently used file format because of its security that enables users to display images and read text across any device in the same way. Fortunately, PDFBear anticipated that users would also need to reach their website by using an Android phone. 

In Android, the same simplified four-step process is also implemented, much like how the procedure operates when using a working computer. You just have to type PDFBear to access the features on your mobile browser, and you can follow the remaining three steps listed earlier. By following the guides, you can easily download the converted files in just a few taps.

The Advantages of Using PDF Formatted Documents

One of the great strengths of using the Portable Document Format or PDF regularly is its portability. As you read earlier, no matter what device or operating system you are running, whether you chose to display it on-screen or printed on paper, the original layout with its structure, fonts, and images will remain the same. All works without effort in a PDF file format.

Apart from portability, using a security key for high-level data encryption support is another distinguishing feature that pushes PDF to popularity. Various features, such as file attachments, text notes, markups, hyperlinks, and audio, are also provided by PDF. When converted to PDF, the visual elements you have produced in Word will be easily preserved.

High-Quality Conversion Results

It is imperative to evaluate the platform’s capacity to produce high-quality outputs while looking for the ideal online tool. Thankfully, PDFBear prioritizes its users’ needs by giving value to its customers’ amount of effort by providing high-resolution PDF files in return. With PDFBear, any PDF errors and struggles can be carried out in no time.


A significant part of maintaining seamless digital accessibility is understanding how a digital document works. It is not a daunting job to convert Word documents to PDF, given that you use an excellent online processor. It’s time for you to start doing the conversion methods now that you have acquired the information to convert files in various devices.

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