It’s no surprise that Rolex is popular and known as one of the best watchmakers in the industry. The brand always creates durable timepieces that the world has ever seen. Their watches’ movements are also recognized as workhorses that continuously tick year after year.

However, the brand’s timepieces comprise mechanical movements. It is essential to provide the care they need to ensure that it will last for a lifetime. Visiting a Rolex service is one way of ensuring that this timepiece will continue to tick for a long time. To know more about how much it will cost and how it works, let’s dive into Rolex service’s details.

Rolex Service’s Cost

Several people feel surprised whenever they’ve heard that you need to service your Rolex timepiece from time to time. Like mechanical objects, a need to be taken care of and looked after is what the Rolex watch also demands. It’s the same with your luxurious car that needs to be in service to ensure it functions well and extends its service.

Owning a Rolex watch needs an enormous amount of money. Meaning, this timepiece doesn’t come at a cheap price, plus it comprises many very small parts. Servicing a timepiece like Rolex requires an expert watchmaker who knows every detail and part that needs a service and how to handle its movement.

That being said, servicing a Rolex doesn’t also come at a cheap price. But keep in mind that it’s all worth it to invest in your luxurious watch. The cost of service also varies depending on your timepiece’s condition. The more a lot of movement and visible parts that need to be changed, the more the service’s price increases.

Factors that Affect the Service Costs

Visiting for service is essential to ensure the movement of your Rolex watch is still functioning properly. It is the best way to make your watch look new once again. Plus, it is also good to check whether damaged or aged parts need to be replaced anew.

This might frighten some vintage Rolex enthusiasts, but most people get their watch looks so new after the service. If ever your watch is still in excellent condition, the watchmaker will just service your timepiece’s movement. They will get it oiled up, and then your Rolex watch is now ready to work for many more years. But if there’s a need to change some parts (dial, bezel insert, hands, bracelet), the watchmaker will replace it. These are other factors that added to the overall Rolex price service. 

Rolex Movement

One major factor that affects the full-service costs is the watch’s movement. Different Rolex timepieces feature different movements, and they’re entirely complicated. Some movements are direct and come with not so many parts. Others, on the other hand, come with very complicated movements comprising many parts. These watches are Daytona and Sky-Dweller.

Take note that the more complex your Rolex timepiece’s movement, the more expensive the cost you need to pay for the service.

Rolex Case Material

Another factor that added to Rolex service’s overall cost is the timepiece’s model and case material. The more simple the watch’s model is, the cheaper is the service’s price. If your watch is made in platinum or gold, and if it comes with a precious stone feature, the higher the service cost you need to pay. This is because servicing a gold watch and handling stone-decorated timepieces requires more expertise. Besides, it will consume more time to service your timepiece as the watchmaker needs to be more delicate.

Steps in Rolex Servicing

The entire process of Rolex servicing comprises ten steps. However, still, it varies depending on your watch and how old or damaged it is. These steps are:

  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning the movement
  • Replacing the components
  • Lubrication and reassembly
  • Timing calibrations
  • Refinishing both the case and bracelet
  • Reassembly of the case
  • Waterproof tests
  • Quality control
  • Two-year service guarantee

In every Rolex servicing, dismantling the watch is always the first step. Next, each part of the timepiece is cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. Then, the watchmaker will start to inspect each part to check the damage and which part needs a new replacement.

Once it is done, the watchmaker now starts reassembling the movement and lubricates it. They tested it for accuracy and precision. Polishing is also included in the service. The case and metal bracelets are being polished to get back to their original luster. Finally, Rolex tests the timepiece to make sure it functions well as a new watch.

In a Nutshell

It is necessary to service your Rolex watch occasionally. This way, you can ensure your luxurious timepiece will last for many years. As mentioned above, the simpler the model, the lower the price of the service is. For instance, the Oyster Perpetual comes with the lowest price among the entire model of Roles. Likewise, this also comes with a lower price service, but of course, it still depends on the watch’s current condition.

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