The motivation for fashion trends is simple. Day in and day out, fashion brands working are hard to meet everyone’s tastes. This is driven by the need to rev up their profit margins and to create a customer base in the ever-growing fashion market. So, when a prospect doesn’t fancy what a top brand is offering, there is always another brand that has just what the prospect wants, and so becomes a customer.

The second motivation for growth in fashion trends is how societies continue to give in, no matter how long it takes, to fashion trends. So gone are the days when people were usually defined by what they wear. This is no longer the trend. Clothing has become genderless, and you should always feel comfortable wearing what you like. 

Today, there are tons of the latest unisex fashion trends you can rock to different occasions this season. Let’s take a look at them.   

1. Wrist Watches

Your dressing is never complete without a wristwatch. That is why just like other many International events in the world, the luxury wristwatch industry has put its usual event on hold to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic. However, like other industries around the world, they have adopted digital campaigns. The latest wrist watches have also been revealed online escorted by high-resolution photography and snappy brand videos replacing “the touch and feel” session that usually follows the launching of a new timepiece.

From rebranded classics and colorful detailing, we have the Longines watches. With a long-standing legacy and heritage, this brand has not also incorporated a series of new features. Which includes a perpetual calendar that sets itself according to months and leaps years. 

It also includes a magic crown that allows you to do the traditional setting if you wish to. With an amazing battery that can last for five years and high-quality materials, the Longines wristwatch found its way to the latest fashion trends this year. Although there are other watches such as Rolex, Casio and, Omega, Longines made it to the top.

2. Jewellery

Different kinds of jewelry are used in all parts of the world. Irrespective of culture, civilization, or traditions, they are important ornaments. From rings, bracelets, necklaces to cufflinks, earrings, etc, they remain an important aspect of life. And wearing the right ones will complement your dressing and your personality. Known for their charms, diamond pieces of jewelry make it to the top fashion trends. Another new trend to look out for in unisex and genderless fashion is permanent jewelry. Its excellent shining feature and luster make it the topmost desired jewelry. 

The idea of genderless jewelry isn’t new. Recently, we have seen some indistinct pull from trend to something more lasting. Behavior towards genders is changing, and this new era of inclusion and integration is having a noticeable effect on the world of jewelry. 

By removing the notion of gender in the making process of jewelry, a brand new group of jewelry that is genderless has sprung up. Modern classics have also become jewelry trends. Research has shown that setting gems and diamonds in rainbow colors, lucky charms have become the new order as pieces of jewelry don’t just connote fashion sense but also social status.

3. Shoes

Your shoes are one of the first outfits people notice when they glance at you. The first time you meet a stranger, somehow your eyes look down at his or her shoes, which will either catch your eyes or make you disappointed when it’s not your taste. It’s no longer news that fashionable shoes have become the new normal. Footwear has a way of defining your personality. Regardless of if you’re a man or woman, shoes have become a necessity. A good pair of shoes makes you look confident and smart. 

So, if you’re buying shoes this season, look out for the latest trends such as a sneaker, Amazon shoes, L.L.Bean Footwears, and Kenneth Cole shoes. Sneakers being the topmost of the latest of shoes is iconic and epic. Whether you are looking for eco-friendly shoes or leather sneakers that go with every look and comes in various colors and designs. There are High-top sneakers that combine classic with comfort and professionals commonly wear them. It’s also called athletic shoes.

There are also the plimsoll sneakers which is the most common and famous one. It matches with various kinds of wear from casual to party wear. And finally, the Running-shoes which are a must-have for every sportsman. It provides a shock absorber and is a lightweight support that allows runners to maintain stability while running. It can also serve as walking shoes.


The pandemic brought limited fashion trends, as people were mandated to stay in their homes. The fashion industry suffered some setbacks. But with the advent of technology, we have witnessed lots of brands taking their products online for customers and clients to explore new designs.

From time immemorial, fashion has remained a mark of personal and cultural identity. It helps to reflect one’s life, mood, and personality to the bigger world. Designers and brands have taken advantage of this and have inevitably created something for everybody, regardless of their personality and gender.

Fashion shows were even held online and streamed live. New trends and fashion pieces that cut across all genders are in vogue; let the fearless you shine by rocking one of the fashion pieces listed above. Allow the things you wear to express who you truly are.

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