A large number of people, especially young people spend many hours daily playing computer games. While some people are playing games as a hobby, others may be testing games or making money playing games. While a large amount of money is invested in purchasing the best computer hardware and software, every avid gamer should be aware that the quality of the gaming chair will also affect the performance, especially if the gamer is playing computer games for many hours daily. If the gamer is not comfortable, he will not be able to concentrate on the game which he is playing and will score lower. Hence serious gamers should check https://www.razer.com/lifestyle/gaming-chairs to find the best gaming chairs based on the following criteria.


The gamer will often be seated on the gaming chair for many hours daily, often sitting on the chair continuously without any break. Hence the chair should be designed to provide adequate support to the back so that the user should not suffer from backache because of poor posture while playing games. The chair should provide lumbar support, and the lumbar curve should be adjustable so that it matches the back of the user. Additionally the chair should also have arm rests, which can be rotated in all directions so that the user can adjust the settings to maximize his comfort while playing games.

Materials used

Since the user will often sit on the gaming chair for more than ten hours in a day, it is important to ensure that the chair is designed to bear the weight of the user and also any additional force which he may apply while playing the games. Chairs which use plastic and wood may be cheaper, but they are usually not very durable. Typically if the chair is used for more than ten hours daily, plastic chairs will often last for less than eight months. Hence it is advisable to purchase gaming chairs, which are reinforced with steel for the body, arm rests and wheelbase. This ensures that the chair will not get distorted.


The comfort of the user while playing games depends to a great extent on the seat design. The seat material should be both soft and durable since it bears the weight of the user for many hours daily. Some of the better gaming chairs are using three different materials for their seat to maximize the comfort of the user. The top most layer is a resin layer, which is waterproof, can be easily cleaned and is also soft. Below this the seat has multiple synthetic layers for greater durability. Finally the seat will have a cotton and polyester layer. Additionally the chair may also have foam cushions


Like most other chairs, the gaming chair for a user should be selected based on his height and weight since the metal and other components, design of the chair are decided accordingly. Usually the standard model of popular gaming chair brands is designed for users of weight up to 136 kg, for heavier users, it is advisable to purchase the bigger model.

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