Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Understanding High Variance Slots

Who does not know about slot machines? Casinos make more passive income from slot machines as they appear to be easy money. They are cheap, yet gift grand prizes and beginners get attracted to...
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How to Play Casino in the USA: Difference Between American and UK Casino

The gambling industry in the United Kingdom has experienced incredible growth over the past few years. As such, casino owners are planning to build and open more than a dozen Vegas type Casinos, or...

How technology has changed the online casino industry

Technology advancements have had a huge impact in the last years on many industries. Online casino is no exception, as the online activities, gambling including, benefit a lot from technological progress. The technology nowadays is...

Project Free TV – How safe it is?

Everybody loves to watch movies and TV shows and they love it more when it’s free and they don’t have to spend a single penny buying different subscriptions of Netflix and Hulu. Just to...

Project Free TV – Reason behind its Shutdown

Project Free TV, popular movies and TV show streaming website on the internet which allowed a million of users to watch free movies and TV show disappeared from the internet on 24th of July....
Project Free TV Alternatives

Project Free TV is back?

24th July was a black day for Project Free TV users when they found out that the website is gone for good and is no longer coming back. Upon visiting the main domain, it...
Project Free TV

What is Project Free TV and How to use it?

In the past few years, we have seen the data cost has come down by a lot. The technology has made everything simple and nowadays it is easier to get all the media contents...
Project Free TV Alternative

Project Free TV: 26 Best Alternatives | Interesting Shutdown Backstory

What is Project Free TV? Most of us have cable TV at their home and the rest finds a way to watch or download entertainment content online to watch on their TV or computer. As...