With Android and iOS being the two most popular smartphone operating systems worldwide, the best platform for playing at the best mobile casinos comes down to these two. When the iGaming industry first started gaining popularity in the early nineties, players were overjoyed as they could gamble from the comfort of their homes on their computers.

A few years later, slot developers realized that introducing slots for portable devices like smartphones could increase their popularity even more. So, as smartphones became more common, developers introduced slots on mobile web browsers and were met with a positive response. 

Finally, mobile applications were introduced, which made it even more convenient for gamers to enjoy gambling, particularly online slots. With the introduction of mobile apps, the battle between iOS and Android began in terms of providing the best gaming experience. In this article, we will highlight the pros and cons of each operating system so that you can decide which one is ideal for you. 


As most Android users know, mobile applications need to be downloaded through the Google Play Store. Even though some restrictions exist in most countries when downloading casino-based or gambling games that involve real money, the UK is quite flexible. You can easily download online casino apps directly from the Play Store if you reside in the UK. As long as the apps follow the guidelines of the Gambling Commission, they can be available on the Play Store.

The beauty of the Android operating system lies in its simplicity. Users enjoy that applications can be downloaded easily, and there are less frequent updates, which is an added convenience. Also, far more browsers are available on the Play Store, making it suitable for gamblers who enjoy playing browser-based slot games. 

Another aspect where Android takes the lead is customisation. Thanks to the extensive adjustability that Android users can enjoy, users can customise their settings to enjoy a more enhanced gaming experience. Even something as simple as altering how your keyboard looks can significantly impact some players’ gaming experience. 


If you own an Apple device, you already know that apps need to be downloaded through the App Store. The iOS operating system is more lenient than Android in providing real-money casinos worldwide. In fact, Apple was the first of the two platforms to introduce online gambling apps in 2011. Slot apps were not available on the Google Play Store until 2017.

Despite the simplicity and customisation of the Android operating system, it cannot beat Apple in terms of the connectivity iOS provides to its users across different devices. If you buy a new Apple device, all your gambling apps will automatically be transferred to it through your iCloud account, saving you the hassle of having to download each one by one. 

Regarding security, the iOS operating system has a more restricted approach than Android as it does not allow all developers to introduce their apps on the App Store. They need to follow a strict set of rules, which means that you will find more casino apps on Android. Even though this may seem like a disadvantage, these restrictions help Apple filter out developers that only provide high-quality gambling apps. This also means that the online casino apps available on iOS are generally more secure than Android slots. Since privacy is a crucial concern in gambling, this feature can be a game-changer for many players.

Another important feature to discuss is speed, which is crucial for most players. It can be said without a doubt that Android cannot match the smooth and fast gaming experience provided by iOS. Even if the Android device you own has better specifications, it won’t match Apple’s gaming experience in most cases.

Which Platform is Better?

There is no definitive answer as to which platform is better for online casino gaming because, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. 

Some users enjoy the wide array of online casino apps available on Android devices, while others don’t mind the comparatively limited games on iOS as long as their privacy is maintained. Some enjoy the high-speed gaming experience of Apple, while others like the customization and flexibility offered by Android. 

Generally speaking, iOS devices are more popular in the UK, but you should keep your preferences and specific requirements in mind before making a decision.

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