What are eWallets?

eWallets have become a very popular payment method for many users who purchase goods online, especially in the gambling community.

An eWallet is an electronic card that allows online transactions via technical devices (such as smartphones, tablets, and computers). These payment methods are very safe and reliable, and they are also one of the fastest and most convenient payment methods.

There are a number of different services that are available that consumers can use, with the likes of PayPal, MuchBetter, NETELLER, Skrill and Android Pay perhaps the better-known options.

1. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most famous online payment gateways around, but many people may not realise that it is also an eWallet. The PayPal mobile app can transfer money to a bank account almost instantly and keep financial data safe and protected.

Perhaps the only drawback is that it cannot be used on contactless terminals, so it is not widely accepted in stores. Nevertheless, it can still be used for many online purchases. There are also many security features and a dedicated team that can handle any inquiries that may be caused by certain payments.

2. MuchBetter

MuchBetter is a payment application that revolutionised the payment field. It allows you to store, send and transfer cash safely and quickly. The app allows people to transfer money to friends and family and ask others to pay. It is free to use, and funds can be transferred instantly in three steps, thus providing users with a seamless experience. It is so popular, that there are a number of mobile casinos accepting MuchBetter.

MuchBetter accounts are highly secure because they are protected by device pairing, touch ID, dynamic security code, and transaction review system to ensure that only legitimate transactions can pass. All sensitive information is protected in the cloud, therefore providing users the knowledge that their important details are secure.


NETELLER is one of the most recognisable eWallet payment methods available, but perhaps because it is one of the oldest to have been established. Having been founded in 1999, NETELLER is one of the world’s largest and independent money transfer businesses and processes vast sums of money every day.

The payment system is trusted by merchants and their customers. Their business scope covers more than 200 countries/regions. Neteller is operated by Paysafe Financial Services Limited; the same company that runs Skrill.

Neteller is an online service that allows you to make instant deposits and quick withdrawals, which usually takes about 12 to 24 hours. You can apply for a Net+ card, which will allow you to use your funds as easily as a normal credit card.

4. Skrill

Skrill is one of the oldest eWallets available to consumers, but it is still one of the most trusted options on the market. Although it is older than most of its competitors, they continue to provide players with many of the latest security features.

The first is their two-step authentication process, because every transaction will be protected by a one-time-code, so consumers are provided with further security in case they discover that their account has been used.

Skrill’s app allows customers to manage your eWallet account and send and receive instant payments to anyone, anytime, anywhere. It is also widely accepted all over the world, so there are hardly any problems when trying to use it.

5. Android Pay

Android Pay is Google’s safe and fast in-store smartphone payment option built into the operating system for Android devices. Like most other mobile wallets, Android Pay relies on NFC technology to enable payment by tapping the phone to an NFC-enabled terminal. However, this is an advantage because these terminals do not accept many other eWallets, thus making the smartphone payment system one of the top eWallets currently available online.Did you know? you can now perform gb whatsapp download from your phone.

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