Cloud computing today has become the main driving force for businesses, as apps are shifted from the on-premise information centers to cut down costs, innovate, and improve agility. The GCP marketplace provides high-level storage, networking, computing, and databases. It provides various options for networking, like virtual private cloud, cloud DNS, cloud CDN, load balancing, and various other optional functions. It provides management of the Internet of things and big data workloads.

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What kinds of tools are accessible through the GCP marketplace?

The Google Cloud Platform solutions are robust. One right way to navigate is considering which solutions are there based on the primary computing requirements: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

IaaS allows IT to run their virtual machines without investing and managing the computing infrastructure. Many times IT may opt for an IaaS solution when its workload is experimental, temporary, or subject to changes.

Infrastructure-as-a-service is one of the amazing models where the 3rd party provider maintains the core infrastructure that comprises software, hardware, storage, and servers on behalf of the customer. This generally includes hosting of the applications in the most scalable environment, and where customers are charged only for infrastructure that they use.

PaaS is the next step, for building an IaaS model. The customers opt benefits of IaaS, and they get some underlying infrastructure –such as middleware and operating systems. The vendor hosts & manages most of the elements.

SaaS goes a step ahead– Here everything is available through the web: provider manages, hosts, and delivers the whole infrastructure that includes apps. Users just log in to access resources that are specific solution delivers, for example, backup & recovery tools.

Some of the services offered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) include networking, big data, computing, storage, machine learning, and IoT, and other tools like security, cloud management, and developer tools. Check out the list of computing products in GCP marketplace:

  • Google Compute Engine is the IaaS offering that offers users the virtual machine for workload hosting.
  • Google App Engine is the PaaS offering, and their goal is offer software application to the developers access for scalable hosting. The developers will be able to use the software developer kit for developing any kind of software products, which run on the App Engine.
  • Google Container Engine that is the management & orchestration system for the Docker containers, which runs within Google’s public cloud.
  • Google Cloud Storage is the cloud storage platform made to store large and unstructured data options. Google provides database storage options, which include Cloud Datastore for the NoSQL Cloud SQL for the MySQL relational storage, non-relational storage, and native Google Cloud Bigtable database.

There’re the revenue requirements for becoming the GCP’s partner. In order, to become the Cloud Registered Company with Google, VAR or MSP should have one of their products running on and integrated with Google Cloud products.

What is Google Cloud Platform Services?

Google provides a wide variety of Services. Here are the major Cloud Services:

  • Networking
  • Compute
  • Big Data
  • Storage & Databases
  • Identity and Security
  • Management & Developer Tools
  • Machine Learning

Becoming the Premier or Authorized Services Partner is a bit difficult.

For the Authorized Services Partners, there’s an annual revenue requirement of over $12,000 for the partner-resale deals and partner-led/partner-assisted deals.

For the Premier Services Partners, there’s annual revenue of $120,000.

 Google accepts services & technology partners

The services partners of Google offer tools and products that integrate with Google Cloud & extend their functionality and reach or use cloud services as the foundation for the products. The company’s technology partners, in the meantime, offer tools and products that integrate with the Google Cloud & extend its functionality and reach or use its cloud solutions as the foundation for all their products.

Why Use Google Cloud Platform? 

  • Google has an exemplary offering in apps container deployments, as Google itself designed the Kubernetes application management standard.
  • Users count on Google’s engineering expertise.
  • Google Cloud Platform marketplace specializes in high-end computing deals like big data, machine learning, and analytics. It also offers considerable scale-out choices & data load balancing, and Google exactly knows what the fast data centers need and provide response times in almost all their solutions.
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