In the battle for digital phone dominance, Android devices have clearly surpassed all their long-time rivals. How has technology achieved this incredible feat in the face of massive competition? The answer is complex. It’s almost like trying to explain the pros and cons of selling a whole life insurance policy in a single sentence; it just can’t be done. One way to understand how these came to dominate the market is to simply examine some of the ways that the technology is superior to its competitors. Here are the things consumers seem to like most about their android phones:

Keyboard Choices

Swiftkey is just one of the dozens of options users have when they want to change out their default keyboard. For iPhones, choices are strictly limited to either the default board or one or two offerings. This situation seems to be a theme when comparing devices to the major competitor. Whether you’re looking at keyboards, app sources, charging, types of chargers, battery replacement or anything else, Apple users are hemmed in. Android device owners tend to have a huge range of options in most every category that counts.

Wide Selection of Apps

What do owners of smartphones do when they want new apps? The universal default location is the Google Play Store. That option works well for both device-type owners. But what about Amazon’s thousands of available apps? iPhones can’t download them but android phones can. In fact, owners of Apple-technology phones are rather confined when it comes to purchasing apps from any place but the Google Play Store.

Ease of Charging

In addition to the fast-charge capability, there is a new wireless charging option. The competitors don’t even offer wireless and what Apple calls “fast charging” takes about twice as long as on an android device. Charging technology is changing rapidly. That means that Apple could soon be offering wireless capability, but the fact is that they currently are not doing so.

When it comes to universal charging compared to Apple devices, android wins in this category without question. Apple devices of the pre-2012 era won’t work with the newer chargers. For android phones, however, the micro USB chargers are universal and standardized. Cellular telephone manufacturers learned an important lesson in the early days of the industry: make everything as universal as possible. Chargers, batteries, impact cases, screen covers and memory cards are just a few of the components that already have international, standardized sizes and specs. Apple has been slow to catch up in this important area of technology.

Battery and Storage Versatility

Unlike Apple phones, android units have removable batteries and memory cards. There’s no reason for a pricey upgrade when you want to add memory to a smartphone that uses this type of operating system. And if you want to buy a new battery, you can simply remove your old, burned-out one and replace it. That won’t work on android’s main competitor, Apple iPhones. When an Apple battery dies or malfunctions, you need to replace the entire phone.


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