With the world moving towards digital platforms for all their needs, gambling businesses have also come to recognize the importance of digitizing. While it first started out as games for the elite, gambling is now accessible to anyone who wants to try their hand at the game.

In just a few years of digitization, gambling businesses have observed a massive outburst in their growth and are generating tremendous amounts of revenue. One of the reasons for this huge success of online gambling is technology.

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  • Digital parlor games

Parlor games have always been a favourite with all gamblers. These have now evolved and can be played on a digital platform from the comfort of your home.

Be it skill or luck-based games, all of them are now moving towards digital platforms. Bingo is one of the most preferred games by gamblers. However, most people like playing it online rather than at a land-based or bingo parlor physically.

With more chat options and exciting content available on online platforms, it is much easier for players to join a game from the comfort of their living room at any time they want. The continuous updates received by this technology are aimed at giving players the same thrill and enjoyment that they would get while playing at a parlor.

Furthermore, digitization has led to the evolution of games, with numerous variants of traditional games coming up every now and then. Lovers of the original game of Bingo can also try some new variants like Bingo90, Facebook Bingo and even Horse Riding Bingo.

And guess what – you can play all these without having to budge from your bedroom!

  • Impact of artificial intelligence

It has been more than 20 years since a computer defeated the world champion, Garry Kasparov, in a game of chess. Ever since then, computers have grown tremendously, and the world is becoming more aware of the potential of artificial intelligence.

Besides, computers have even been used to defeat the best poker players around the globe!

Nowadays, AI is being used to cater to individual customers and clear their queries through chatbots, who respond in a human-like manner. This helps deliver a better experience and efficient services to the customers.

The AI on a website can process the data that you’ve given to them and suggest the games you’re most fond of while recommending some better games as well. The bot examines your gameplay and past experiences, and recommends games that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

This extra emphasis on giving customers a more personalized experience is what has helped online casino games grow immensely and become some of the most loved games on the Internet.

  • Virtual reality – The future of online gambling

While artificial intelligence aims to offer a better gaming experience, VRs are more focused on improving how you play the game. VR headsets are one of the coolest technological advancements in recent years and help you be a part of the game by making you feel as if you’re inside the game!

However, this technology has not been perfected yet. That said, you can be sure that with the continuous work being done on VRs, they will get there very soon. With a VR set at your disposal, you can be speaking to a card dealer in Macau or be virtually present at the horse race that you’ve bet on, rather than being limited to your mobile device.

Gaming or gambling through virtual reality makes the experience much more engaging and exponentially increases the socializing aspect of the game. In a few years, VR is sure to help you create some beautiful memories and have an amazing time without actually having to move from your living room.


Technology continues to evolve even in the fields that have achieved the maximum level of growth. Therefore, even the gambling industry has a huge potential for improvement with regards to the latest technological advancements.

While the revenue generated in 2019 through instant play casinos alone stands at a remarkable $49 billion, this number is expected to grow even more in the next five years. The revenue generated through mobile games by 2024 is predicted to be close to $56.6 billion annually.

With such high potential for growth and success, the question that still arises is, “where are we going next?”

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