It seems there are never enough hours in the day for many of us to get it all done. But the truth is, time is an illusion. You have plenty of time. It’s just a matter of how you use it. Are you really being productive when you try to do 10 things at once?

These Android apps can help you clear your mind, set better priorities, work together more efficiently, and feel better about your accomplishments.

1. TickTick

No, we didn’t say “TikTok”. TickTick is an app that helps you turn your to-do list into your done list. Complete with sub-tasks, reminders, and collaborative tools, it will help you stay on track and work with others to manage the perfect workflow.

Whether you use this to manage office tasks or home, it can be a great way to take back your time and get more done.

2. Google Tasks

This app is beautifully simple and completely free. It’s so easy to use, so you won’t find yourself wasting time trying to manipulate and set up the app. Apps should make life easier, not harder.

You can create multiple lists and prioritize tasks to make sure you get the important stuff done first. It directly interfaces with your Google Calendar, so there’s no extra work there.

3. Google One Backup

You do everything to keep your phone protected. You have antivirus for phone to protect yourself against malware, ransomware, and other malicious attacks. Anti-malware is critical for productivity because nothing can ruin your day quite like an attack that shuts everything down.

But even if you have anti-malware installed, you still need to back your phone up. And since Android is part of the Google brand, Google does offer the best solution for Android users.

It allows you to set up automatic backups, so you don’t even have to think about it. And if something happens to your phone, you can just restore all your pictures, videos, app data, contacts, and more from backup.

You can backup to your Android without a Google One account, but this app offers you additional controls and settings you don’t get with the factory settings, like direct access to stored data from the app.

4. RescueTime

Ever wonder where the time goes? RescueTime can help you quantify how much time you’re spending on various activities. Track where you spend your time, including websites you visit and how much time you spend there to better understand your usage.

Set goals for how you use your phone time to begin developing smartphone habits. Block websites that you have trouble with to break your addiction to them. Also, track the time you spend on calls and business meetings to fully understand how you use your time each day.

View it all in easy-to-understand reports and start setting goals to take back your time.

5. ProofHub

This project management tool provides advanced collaboration capabilities that help multiple people work together productively. Always share the latest version of a document. Place notes for you or others to see on it. Communicate around project documents.

This tool offers automatic notifications, easy-to-customize templates, and project time tracking to keep the whole team on the path to success.

6. Five Minute Journal

Journaling has many productivity benefits, from reflection to improved goal-setting to better night’s sleep. This Android productivity app can help you develop a journaling habit in just five minutes a day.

Track your important tasks, express gratitude to ease your mind before bedtime, and attach pictures to your journal timeline to track your progress.

7. HeadSpace

HeadSpace is another productivity app focused on helping you clear the mental clutter so you can stay focused on what’s important. It can teach you focused breathing, relaxation, and mental focus techniques to improve how you approach your day’s to-do list.

8. Audible

Audible offers you an enormous library of audiobooks. If you feel like there’s never enough time to read the great books you want to experience, Audible is a great way to do it. Listen while you work out, do housework or complete mindless activities at work. You’re getting more out of your time and can begin applying what you learn in the books you listen to improve your life.

Increase Productivity with Apps

Whether it’s anti-malware or an app to clear your mind, productivity apps can help you feel more confident about your daily accomplishments. Get more out of your phone and life by exploring some of these apps.

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