Innovation is an endless bottom to technology’s pit. You get to see and hear something new every season. And the updates keep changing faster than the seasons do. It is simply amazing to see how creative a human gets.


If you’re thinking that the world can’t go beyond Instagram, Tiktok and other smart algorithm apps, stop right there! Virtual reality has much more to offer than what just meets the eyes. Here are some of the upcoming trendsetting apps to look forward to.



Just when you thought that there can’t be anything more interesting than Instagram and podcasts, the Clubhouse app hits you home. This app is currently under testing and is strictly ”invite-only”. It means that you can access the app only when someone already a part of this app lets you in. 


It’s quite an interesting app where you can listen to anyone or everyone talk in real-time. Imagine being in the same room where your favourite influencer is speaking and having a chance to get to talk to them directly! Now that is Clubhouse for you.


One Swipe Notes

Tapping on the icons and swiping around to find your notes app on your phone is now a passé. With this new notes app, you can figure out where to place the floating window on your phone. And, with just one swipe you can now access your notes and make new ones.


Another best feature of this application is that you can work with a calendar, create to-do lists, set reminders, and repeat the tasks for you. It is so much fun to do things so quickly without having to toggle around with multiple apps. 



It is a very interesting productivity application. Cultivate literally turns your life into a game, and you go to the next level only when you finish the current task at hand. And what is the task at hand you ask? It is nothing but your to-do list.


You create a to-do list in this app and let it know every time you finish one task. It has a tiny plant that gets watered for every assignment you complete. And it grows to become even better. When you don’t do the work or don’t update, the plant withers away slowly. You can at least put an effort to keep your virtual plant alive!



Don’t we all miss the days when we had a mechanical camera! Back then, there was only one camera and only limited photographs to click. You’d know the level of stress and competition you’d have to get the best shot. 


This application brings the nostalgia back. With this app, you need to get a 35mm virtual film and shoot the shots. It won’t let you see how the pictures came out. Instead, the company sends you a print of the copies. It’s exciting to wait and always worth it. Just like the old times.


These are just a few of the awesome apps that are yet to create a big wave around the world. They follow unconventional ways of marketing & email marketing. No wonder people are catching up to this wave!


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