Consumer markets in Canada are mature, and eCommerce businesses are commonplace. With a total market revenue of $66,574,609, the average income of a Canadian eCommerce business is $3,703. This amount is slightly less than the European average of $ 3,425.

The largest eCommerce sites in Canada are Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Other vendors include Apple, Tire Canada, Best Buy, The Depot Home, Costco, Alibaba, and Intuit. It is worth checking out these well-known sites to find the most suitable place for your product. Placing your product in these online shops increases the amount of traffic your product gets, increases your competitive advantage, and acquires new eCommerce customers.

Online stores like Amazon and eBay are on the top 7 list of eCommerce businesses, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for local brands. Small businesses need to actively engage and compete in the Canadian eCommerce industry as well.

Amazon Canada

It’s no surprise why Amazon Canada is the best place to sell your product. The brand has built the global demand for next-day and same-day delivery. The Amazon brand is the largest globally, and Amazon Canada is the leading eCommerce brand in Canada.

Amazon leads the entire eCommerce and shopping sector in Canada with operations in various categories, leading a massive position in the computing and electronics category. Its success is mainly due to the flexibility in its products and the appeal of low prices.

Walmart Canada

Another US-based superpower, Wal-Mart, is the world’s largest retailer, dominating markets throughout North America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. It has slowly been developing a same-day delivery solution through its partnership with Cornershop in Canada.

Wal-Mart offers a wide range of electronics, baby products, video games, fashion, pharmaceuticals, appliances, and auto parts. This diverse set of products attract various customer types. General e-commerce and shopping and homes and gardens consist of two of the most notable features.

Best Buy Canada

Best Buy is a US-based retailer that entered the e-commerce business at the time of manufacture. It is also a significant player in consumer electronics and electronic applications.

Founded in 2002, Best Buy Canada is the biggest eCommerce site for consumer goods that offers same day delivery services. In addition to being the leading electronics-focused eCommerce business, they also sell home goods, furniture, office supplies, and children’s products.

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is a regional success story with over 500 campaigns nationwide, including three other “marks” dedicated to men, women, and high-tech services. Canadian Tire’s “FGL Sports” brand specializes in sports equipment and sportswear. They also have a “Part Source” expert in automation and applications.

The Canadian Tire eCommerce site sells cars, equipment, sports and entertainment, consumer electronics, toys, and food to all types of buyers. Most products can be shipped same day.

Hudson’s Bay

Hudson’s Bay, or The Bay, is a retail chain in Canada and the Netherlands that has become a staple in the county’s culture. The eCommerce platform sells brands specializing in bags, men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and home furnishings.

Online Hudson’s Bay is a leader in fashion and apparel, beauty and trim, offering shirts, accessories, and home furnishings. Free shipping is on orders over $99.

Costco Canada

Costco is an American multinational company with an extensive global footprint. They dominate the market with physical stores and eCommerce options in many countries.

Costco Canada is a leader in home goods, garden products, and electronics. They meet Canada’s demands for computers, furniture, appliances, accessories, and jewelry as well. Costco works because they bring the warehouse to the consumer. And to top it all off, you can deliver it to your door with same-day delivery.


Via the Kijiji Canada site, users can buy, sell or trade any good, making it a massive hit in the market. Canadians can find the products they want for amazing deals and show delivery times. Kijiji’s global audience attracts customers who want to buy and sell used products.

How does Canadian E-Commerce set a new trend?

Selling can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Those selling outside Canada need to consider these factors:

Customer Personas

Canadian eCommerce businesses must understand the role of online marketplaces in attracting global shoppers. Businesses need to ask themselves:

  • What do Canadians buy most often?
  • Would they like to receive any particular kind of service with same-day delivery?
  • Where do they look for products online with same-day delivery?

Conversion of Size and Currency

When selling across borders, sellers need to consider the size and currency conversions.

To operate overseas, American and Canadian businesses need to understand tariffs, taxes, duties, and fees.

U.S. merchants need to consider the currency for entering e-commerce in Canada.

Online sales laws and guidelines

The government of Canada guarantees the maintenance of each marketplace. Sellers must then update their online stores to comply with these policies before selling in Canada.


With U.S. companies dominating the top eCommerce businesses, the rapid acceptance of digitalization among marketers is inevitable.

Canadian-born eCommerce sites may not be giants like the U.S. Still; many small businesses thrive in the Canadian e-commerce space due to strong demand and brand recognition.

Soon, most Canadian shoppers will have access to same-day delivery in the next few years. Due to this change, many new eCommerce businesses are expected to enter the market and existing retailers to increase their online presence.

Considering all the factors such as internet usage and online shopping willingness with same-day delivery, Canada is ready for massive growth in the eCommerce sector.

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