Private LTE is a newly emerging concept which will be able to replace the Wi-Fi system. It is said that this LTE network will be very productive and famous in the next decade. Many of the enterprise level organization are thinking to replace the Wi-Fi system with the private LTE.

What is Private LTE Network?

The abbreviation for LTE is Long Term Evolution, which not many people are aware of. These private LTE is a standard-based LTE network which can be scaled down according to the needs of the entities. These entities include large corporations, industrial and automotive manufacturing, logistics, drones, smart cities, hospitals, transportation hubs, enterprises, educational campuses and many other venues as well.

This private LTE Network is considered to be the latest evolution in the growing trend of the market expansion. They are also believed to work better than the Wi-Fi system.

What is Wi-Fi system?

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology which allows devices like computers, mobile phones and other electronic equipment to interface with the internet. This system allows these devices to exchange information with one another while creating one network.

However, the internet connectivity for this wireless networking technology (Wi-Fi) happens through a wireless router. If you want to access the internet using the Wi-Fi then you need to connect your device with the wireless router which allows it to connect with the internet.

Though the internet connectivity will only be given to a minimum diameter of the wireless router, which can sometimes cause a problem in an enterprise. Though these wireless technologies are most commonly used in the homes.

Which one is a better option for Enterprise Needs? Wi-Fi or the Private LTE?

Wi-Fi can handle things on a much smaller scale than the enterprise level. As the enterprise organizations require the cellular networks which cover larger, wider areas which only the private LTE network can do not the Wi-Fi system. So, most of the enterprises prefer the private LTE over the Wi-Fi network.

The Wi-Fi system works for 2G, 3G and 4G levels of internet connectivity but they don’t provide faster speed and have low bandwidth. Due to which sometimes the work in an enterprise can be stuck due to low internet speed. Also, if more than two or three people are connected with one wireless router then the internet speed will be really slow and the employees of the enterprise will not be able to do their work properly.

But having a private LTE network, the employees will have their own cellular internet connectivity which works faster and have a great bandwidth as well. These networks can work with lower latency and have a huge network capacity as well. Also, these private networks have 5G internet connectivity which you cannot find while using Wi-Fi.

Though most of the enterprise prefer private LTE over the Wi-Fi, it is said that in the coming years the enterprises will use both private LTE and Wi-fi side by side only. So according to all the information private LTE is a better option than the Wi-Fi for the enterprise needs. But it is estimated that the enterprise will use both of them together in the coming years.

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