Bitcoin exchanges are showing up on the internet and in every corner of the web. There are thousands of legal exchanges that you can safely buy bitcoin from.

Finding an exchange that hosts accounts in Vietnam’s currency, however, calls for a bit of searching. If you already own or earn Vietnamese dongs, then you can avoid exchange fees via a Vietnamese broker. The less that you need to convert fiat currencies, the more of your top cryptocurrencies you can buy.


Paybis is registered for legal service in over 178 countries, which includes Vietnam. Here is where you can strictly buy bitcoins as you need to.

The debit and credit card options are simple to use once you register your payment data. Paybis is a reasonable option when you’ve already acquired your public and private keys.

You can then transfer bitcoin to your wallet from this portal. Investors find the platform’s spot prices and instant conversions reliable and convenient.


Coinmama is intent on eliminating the middlemen in modern financial transactions. The platform boasts of a quick account setup and simple access thereafter.

You’ll surely find bitcoin, but in the midst of dynamic and alternative coins. Coinmama, however, is only a portal to buy bitcoin; it does not generate a wallet. Unlike some options, you can make payments directly from your bank account to Coinmama. Credit and debit cards are also accepted when buying bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATM

This is a bitcoin terminal, much like a bank or cash ATM. The Bitcoin ATM differs because it does not allow withdrawals. The bitcoin you buy from this portal goes directly into your digital wallet.

This is a physical module where bitcoins are sold. Based on how you started a purchase, using a QR code at an accepted location is possible. All transaction types are rendered because bitcoin ATMs are powered by the web. The machine works only when you enter a cash deposit.


Around the world, eToro is known as a reliable broker, and their crypto offering is quite impressive. You’ll find all the leading coins, with bitcoin among them. Keeping its account holders sharp led the broker to offer coverage on market trends and analysis. You can even find charts with the percentage of active buyers or sellers. Investors who need guidance can track crypto influencers leading their followers. Just like the S&P 500, eToro offers crypto indexes.


The Ginero platform set up its crypto exchange with such relevance that it was bought out by BitcoinVN. Ginero’s exchange is a reliable place to convert Vietnam dongs into the leading crypto of the world.

The site currently streamlines purchases for bitcoin. This includes bitcoin cash, Litecoin, dash and Ethereum. BitcoinVN was, prior to buying out Ginero, already trusted by top Vietnamese investors. It now leverages its business experience to safeguard Ginero.

Moving your investments into crypto too fast could be disastrous. You require a solid overview of your market before investing in it. Keep the exchanges above in mind as you develop your portfolio and work to outperform the world.

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