Has technological advancement affected learning positively or negatively? Technology enthusiasts argue that changes occurring in the modern classroom happen for the learners’ good. They say every innovation prepares learners for a better future and makes their everyday experience excellent. In essence, technological innovations have led to tremendous growth in the education sector.

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On the other hand, skeptics argue that there exist multiple negative consequences of classroom technology. They propose that people should not rush to introduce modern teaching methods in the classroom, especially with technological devices in learning areas. They would instead let learners stick to ancient learning patterns.

The benefits and weaknesses listed below will help you know whether it is appropriate for learners to leverage the available technological inventions in their classrooms:

Advantages Include

Access to Unlimited Learning Materials

With modern education, learners enjoy accessing and retrieving updated data on various subjects from different online sources. Some concepts are complex for students to comprehend unless they do extensive research. Unlike in traditional education, where one would be compelled to go to the library and read through a pile of books, today, you only need to type a question on a search engine for numerous enlightening results.

It is easy to research a topic and write a well-organized text for grading. Still, students can access and hire an expert from custom essay writing services on the internet to help them meet their academic goals by writing exceptional papers for them.

Adequate Preparation for the Future

It is good to know that the world is evolving fast, and everything surrounding us is getting technical over time. It means that even the future will be challenging for people who are not tech-savvy. Modern education is ideal in preparing learners for the future. Employers now need people with technological knowledge that they can employ at the workplace to bring desired solutions.

Thus, the technological invention in the classroom is the best thing that parents, educators, and learners need to encourage. It helps learners gain information on using various gadgets such as projectors and improve their computer literacy. Indeed, technology transforms education significantly.

Reduced Educational Costs

Education can get expensive at times, from tuition costs to other expenses such as traveling, purchasing the learning resources, etc. Modern education cuts education costs, making learning affordable for most learners worldwide. For example, if international students need to travel abroad and pay their tuition or upkeep, it would cost them more than enrolling for online courses in a similar institution. The ability to follow online classes has made education cheaper and easily accessible.

Motivates Learners

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Modern education entails using technology in the classroom, including laptops, phones, projectors, and more. These gadgets fascinate students, encouraging them to focus and enjoy learning. Furthermore, it allows interactive learners to exchange learning materials and share the lessons they grasp in different subjects. All in all, it helps learners to gain maximally from each learning session and retain the concepts for future use in exams.

Disadvantages Include

Distracted Learning Experience

Modern learning avails various gadgets for learners. Laptops, phones, and tablets are devices that make learning easier. But, these gadgets are a source of distraction in the classroom. For example, students would be distracted by automated ads and inappropriate content rather than focusing on a lesson online. Also, students can be distracted by mobile phones since they got the freedom to chat or communicate with people even when they should concentrate in a learning session.

Students can access inappropriate information from the internet, which is dangerous. However, with parental supervision and internet blockers for inappropriate sites, learners can still focus on their education.

Reduced Student Socialization

Critics of technology argue that it has a way of impairing the social development of learners. They say that students get lost in their involvement with computers or phones and fail to realize the significance of interacting with their peers. Discipline allows learners to use technology for leisure and interact with their peers without neglecting one.

From the above discussion, technology has more advantages than disadvantages. More so, the cons are manageable with discipline. If learners understand the significance of their education, they will maximize on the pros while avoiding any risk at hand. The bottom line is that modernized education has a positive impact on education. As a learner, look at the positive impacts and use technology controllably to achieve your educational aims. Have an objective in each study session to avoid distractions and maintain focus. You have all it takes to succeed when you use technology correctly.

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