Christmas is the best time to spend time with your family. If you do not know what to do, then in this article we will talk about exciting activities for this wonderful holiday.


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Active holidays

Build a city out of snow. All you need is a good mood, warm gloves, and some free time. Team up with friends and acquaintances to create a truly solid fortress, and then split into teams to play friendly battles. Give the winners a small reward, like a bag of candy.

Ride on a sled and do it with the whole family, regardless of age and regalia. It perfectly relieves stress, energizes, and helps to relax.

Get out for a Christmas show. It does not matter where it will take place – in the theater, philharmonic, circus, or just on the street. Watching the work of artists, you will be distracted from everyday life and get a lot of positive emotions. Can’t get out anywhere because all the tickets have been sold? Set up a home theater. Fortunately, good equipment is available in every home today. Choose Christmas novelties and enjoy pleasant viewing.

Even if your family does not usually go to Church, at least once you can try to participate in this little sacrament. In addition, it will help your children feel all the greatness of the holiday and understand its main meaning.

Buy presents for relatives and friends. It is so delightful to choose the best presents for your loved ones!

Cozy Christmas at home

Create a holiday photo booth. It can be a beautiful paper fireplace, which you will spend several days making; a Christmas tree decorated with antique toys, or a place in the winter garden with original figures made of snow. Holiday photos with a beautiful background will please relatives who could not be with you on a holiday or will be a great update for avatars on social networks.

Make decorations out of postcards. If over the years of holidays you have gathered a collection of beautiful postcards, it’s time to put it into action. Grab a piece of string and a dozen clothespins, then attach each card to the string to create a colorful holiday garland. Decorate the walls or windows of your house with it. Each postcard is a little story that will warm your soul on Christmas.

Color the Christmas drawing. And you will get an excellent greeting card for loved ones or a cool picture on the refrigerator. And you can go even further – paint the whole family a giant Christmas tree or any other winter scene. According to psychologists, such a hobby relieves stress and brings joy.

Prepare your Christmas table decor. Most people put up a big Christmas tree during the winter holidays and forget about Christmas table decorations. But you can put a small Christmas tree on the table, light beautiful fragrant candles, or lay out festive little things – dishes, napkins, souvenirs. Think about which option you like best.

Cook Christmas gingerbread. And be sure to decorate them with cute drawings. By painting gingerbread, you can get truly unique masterpieces that will become a welcome gift for every person.

Make a Christmas playlist. Pick up musical compositions for a Christmas dinner or just a good time with the whole family. On weekdays, there is hardly any time for this, but on New Year’s holidays – easily.

Play games during the feast. This is where a Christmas playlist you’ve created can come in handy. Turn on the music and let everyone around the table dance. As soon as the music stops, you need to freeze without moving. Whoever continues to dance is out. This is an exciting game that will appeal to both children and adults. If you are a lover of computer games, you can play arcade racing games together.

Read aloud Christmas stories. Before the advent of television and the Internet, reading was a family favorite pastime. Have a reading night. Warm Christmas stories and poems from children’s books will warm you with their warmth and create a cozy atmosphere.

We hope you find our tips helpful and have a great Christmas holiday.

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