As soon as Warzone began to slowly die under the yoke of meaningless updates and skins, and the engine and the new map’s workmanship began to noticeably annoy the players, whose outflow became more and more noticeable every month, Activision decided to announce the creation of Warzone 2, which will be based on the engines from Call of duty MW 2. On November 16, 2022, the game went public. This is shareware software. Today we will discuss all the changes made to Warzone 2.

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Map and circle mechanics

The new map of Al Mazra is set in some desert in Western Asia. It consists of a combination of cities, mountains, small towns, deserts and bodies of water and little forest. Many of the locations in Al Mazra will feel familiar to longtime Call of Duty players, including the Terminal, Skyscraper, and Quarry from the original Modern Warfare 2.

Developers add a new circle mechanic where numerous circles appear together. The creator claimed that this was done to create a new gaming experience. The circles may separate and transform into “micro circles”, but eventually they will converge again.

A more complex Gulag

The updated Gulag on the new map requires players to fight in pairs, rather than in the standard one-on-one arena. In this new Gulag, weapons will need to be stolen, and there are even strategies for using teamwork to keep both teams alive.

Updated gunsmith MW2

An updated weapon customization system has also made its way into the battle royale. The new platforming system in the completely redesigned Gunsmith Infinity Ward has been created to allow each player to customize their weapon to their liking. And the new mechanics of unlocking modules allows you to open them for all weapons at once. Now players do not have to spend a lot of time opening the same modules. Also, new types of Weapons have been added to the game, and the developers promise to add more and more.

New DMZ Mode

The Al Mazrah map now has a DMZ extraction option launched that was previously available. DMZ is a completely new mode that combines both PvP and PvE experience. For many players, this mode has become a truly new discovery and experience.

New hardware, features, AI and movement mechanics

The developer claims that Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 were created on the same engine from scratch, and stated that all vehicles, weapons, features and game mechanics from the main part of the series are present in the continuation of the battle royale. There are new field upgrades, boats, cars, swimming, camo options, weapons, locations and more.

An AI system has been integrated into the game. It makes the game experience more modern and risky by introducing higher stakes and more realistic combat scenarios. Hostile NPCs add a lot of variety and create a huge number of different situations, which makes the game experience fresher and more exciting.

Of the innovations in vehicles, in addition to greater variety, a limited amount of fuel can also be counted. Warzone 2.0 vehicles run out of gas rather quickly, but they can be refilled at gas stations. Vehicle tires can also be shot through, but can be repaired if damaged. This need for refueling has cut Warzone’s single-player matches, especially late in the game.

Technically, the game has gotten much better. The cherished FPS in comparison with the first part has become much higher, the number of bugs and crashes has decreased (although far from ideal, but keep in mind that the game has recently been released). The picture has become more beautiful, the textures and the environment are much more elaborate. Shooting and weapon behavior have become much more realistic. And the game itself has become more realistic, and its pace has become much calmer.

One way or another, the game in Warzone 2 is already playable. Thousands of players from all over the world are already trying their luck in the battle royale. We advise you to connect to the game, because the best conclusions can be drawn only by playing it yourself. We wish you good allies, fair play and good luck!

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