Social media usage is setting new benchmarks daily. You rise in the morning and the stories about a next teenager got damaged due to social media is circulating on our news channels. You might have some suggestions on taking away the rights of using social media apps, but is it possible to keep them away at all? No, so, clearly, communication is off the table at times. At this time one should explore other options including to spy on installed apps on their computers. There are plenty of applications serving the purpose by helping parents to save their children from online predators. TheOneSpy is one of the best PC spy software that can be a great assistant for the parents and employers too. You can count on this application for real-time monitoring.

One thing that TheOneSpy is certain about is to give you control of the systems that teenage children are using. It is quite natural for parents to worry about their teenage children. They are growing in age and thoughts are not quite sorted. They may have enough knowledge, but they lack wisdom and need proper guidance to pursue the right path. Telling them to stay away from a certain website or exposure of knowledge may induce more curiosity. So, avoid any of the consequences by spying on the systems for your good.

Now, how you are going to sneak into the system without getting them to know about your presence. TheOneSpy software allows you to take control of the system and monitor their activities remotely through the control panel. You get all the reports of the activities and screenshots from the live screen recording. There are many more features that are only revealed after you purchase the software from their official website.

Monitoring the installed apps by keeping it anonymous

Children of our era like to keep things quite social but at the same time, they hate anyone sneaking into their privacy. Well, not everyone, but your parents are obliged to protect your from any harm either on the streets or online. In a matter of time, we all can be in danger, and teenagers are easy to target because of their curious minds. Many intelligent people can be trapped by the simple prank or trickery. So, the children who are new to this cruel world made it easy for the fraudulent out there. However, this monitoring software can be a lifesaver. If you are aware of the ongoing activities or their interactions with the strangers, there is a possibility that you can approach them and help them in escaping the situation.

How did the installed app spying feature work in TheOneSpy software?

All you have to do is to install the app and activate it in the target device. Later, you can tap on the feature of spying installed app and you will be able to access the complete data. This is the one way so you can easily get access to the data. There are no hard and fast rules or something that will take hours to understand. So, install the app and get started as soon as possible. With this feature, you will able to see the list of installed apps and you can get the exchanging information too. Therefore, you don’t have to know a lot about the feature working before using it. It is quite easy and quick to get the hold. The best thing is you can do it without alarming the target device user. If it is about your children, they won’t know about the monitoring software.


TheOneSpy app is one of the remarkable applications for computers and phones. Its features are most in-demand due to the accuracy and details. As a parent, you wouldn’t worry about your kids while spying on their devices. When you spy on installed apps, you get the way to take your children out of any toxic interactions. TheOneSpy has everything that a parent can need to monitor their kids remotely. It can be for the ones who travel a lot. They usually have less time to know their children better and this app will make it easy for them.


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