Every businessperson is geared towards enhancing and expanding business boundaries. But all these come with sacrifice and struggle with no form of losing hope or giving up. So, with most people looking forward to enhancing their businesses, we’ve seen many business applications flood the online market.

All these apps are geared towards making everything easier for business. But what apps suit your business well? Do you go for any other application to serve you businesswise? The answer is no. Therefore, you will need to assess a number of these business applications to determine and credit what is right for you and also discard what doesn’t suit you.

According to Thesisgeek.com, the following are some of the best marketing and business applications that can enable you to meet all your needs, strategize proper work operations, and even access new customers quickly.

Usually, marketing apps are developed to reduce the workload or stress that comes with handling huge businesses or even the smaller ones. Some of them have simplified and incorporated most of the factors required for business progress. And as technology advances day and night, we are yet to see many more of these business applications. As a result, marketing is becoming easier and easier. Apps are also developed to suit specific audiences. Some are designed to be industry-specific, while others are designed to meet the needs of given businesspersons. Therefore, it is critical to consider investing in optimal returns. You must go for a legit business app that will not end up giving you losses.


MailChimp is one common application that is utilized, especially by small businesses. The app is designed to automated email campaigns of small business and even update customers on the business progress and all the new services available. Another essential service featured in this application is the email campaign management tool. The tool is responsible for a timed delivery, email list segmentation, among other roles. The goodness with MailChimp is that it can properly integrate with other eCommerce applications.


If you are a real business person, you are likely to have encountered Trello in your daily internet searches. The application is based on free project management and has vast essential features crucial for your business. The application is flexible and can be customized to meet individual business needs. Different business owners can customize the app to help them share business files, keep track of work deadlines as well as communicate with team members to enhance the business as a whole.


Hootsuite is another powerful tool that can be of great help to your business. Have you ever considered tacking all your engagements on social media as well as traffic in search engines? With Hootsuite, these things are made possible. Therefore, for business purposes, the application can be used to track brand mentions, arrange for publicizing on social media platforms, keep track of website traffic, and many more. Generally, all these things are incorporated on a single interface, Hootsuite.


Asana is another essential application you should seek for when you think of enhancing your business services. It is another vital project management tool that helps business team members to focus and get updates of the latest project developments courtesy of the “board” system. With the application, a business person can share reminders on deadlines, and even host files for members within the same business. It is free, and you can also opt to go for the premium services. Asana is the best, especially for businesses that are still growing.

Many other applications and websites such a Wave, Expensify, Monday, Fuze, Canva, InDinero, Slack, and DocuSign, among many others, have most of the business needs incorporating on a single interface. Let the applications be a guide to enhancing your business, be it small or large.


There are many apps geared toward enhancing various kinds of businesses. Just sit at the comfort of your work area and run your business in a single interface.

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