Motorola as a company returned to the tech scene with good news ever since they decided to lay off the making of flagship phones about three years ago. This decision saw them focusing instead on making the budget and mid-range phones until the recent announcement of the upcoming Motorola Edge and Edge Plus.

The main question here though is: Will the new Motorola Edge series be able to compete with the already available top market devices? The likes of iPhone 11 and 12, not forgetting the Samsung Galaxy series? Can Motorola beat most of these popular brands in terms of what they can offer to consumers? Let’s find out.


The ordinary Motorola Edge and the high-end Edge Plus give almost everything a 5G phone would give to its users. While the Motorola edge comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset it certainly has a promising performance. The Edge plus of course goes overboard with the Snap Dragon865 chipset instead. A reason as to why it’s more expensive compared to its sibling.

More to the Motorola edge is the fact that it has a micro SD slot while it’s not available in the Edge Plus version.

The fact that both phones run on Android 10 has left users wondering whether there will be an update to Android 12 software. Google, Apple, and Samsung brands normally allow updates after three years so we may or may not see this happening.


The Edge and Edge Plus take on similar designs to the popular Samsung Galaxy smartphones but with an added touch and feel of Motorola to them. Theirs is a much sleeker industrial design compared to the nail polished glossy look of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus. In terms of size, Motorola stuck to a more bulky build. The phones themselves are not dust and water-resistant. The Motorola edge plus and edge both have screen displays of 6.7” FHD + OLED “Endless Edge,” 90 Hz rate which is much better than the 60 Hz refresh rate we were used to.  This new makes them look long and narrow but still really comfortable to hold.

With dimensions like 6.34”x 2.81”x0.37,” the Motorola Edge Plus is slightly taller compared to its sister, the edge which stands at 6.36”x2.79” xo.36”

Upon purchasing any of these smartphones expect the fonts to look much sharper and more defined giving you a seamless and smooth scrolling experience. Although the 90Hz refresh rate doesn’t make it the smartphone of the year with the highest processing rate, you’ll still have a great experience.

More to this is that the twin series have amazing speakers. Their solid base is certainly something to talk about. Phone users that prefer listening to music, watching videos, and playing games on their phones will appreciate the sound feature. The speakers are loud enough to give that much sought after base.  Also attached to the phone is a headphone jack.

The Motorola edge and edge both have a fingerprint scanner. This isn’t a new function for Motorola because their Moto Z4 had one. The only issue is that it didn’t work properly and sometimes took so long to scan one’s finger. The comeback on the Edge and Edge plus series will solve those problems as their fingerprint sensor is located on the front display. It’s able to scan enabling a user to log into their phone much faster.


The edge plus has a triple camera set up at the back and a selfie camera at the front. The primary camera has a 108-megapixel sensor that joins four other pixels into one. This process is called pixel binding. The binding of pixels together adds up to 27-megapixel photos which are brighter with less image noise. You can use this feature in surroundings that have medium or low lighting.

The 8mega pixel telephoto camera helps with optical image stabilization. You can “zoom in” photos without experiencing camera shake. The third rear camera has a 16megapixel sensor attached to an ultra-wide macro lens. The macro lens allows one to focus on photos and videos while they are at a distance away from the subject.

Portrait mode also works well on the front and back camera. The flight sensor collects deeper information and turns photos into gorgeous photos while still maintaining their naturalness.

Their cameras aren’t as perfect as those of say iPhone 11 or 11pro max. For example, Motorola has a Night Vision feature which makes photos taken to appear a bit sharper and brighter.

Motorola’s new cameras on the edge and edge plus are promising, however, they have to do much more than this if they’re going to beat competitors like Samsung and the iPhone.


The Edge has a 4,500mAh battery with 18 wired charging support which is rather ordinary. The money however is on Motorola Edge Plus’s 5,000mAh battery. Motorola claims this battery lasts for longer periods. A few tests have confirmed this claim to be true, because when fully charged it can last for at least close to three days. The battery also has a 15W turbocharging system and also supports wireless charging.


Edge comes with 4GB/6GB RAM and a slot for a micro SD. Edge Plus a 256 GB storage space.


The Motorola Edge plus is priced at $999. It seems like a lot of money but if it to be compared with its look-alike the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra priced at $200, you can see that you’re paying less and still having access to some of the best features. The price for the Motorola edge isn’t known yet but we expect it to be lower than $999.

Release dates.

Motorola announced the phones will be available for purchase by May 14th, 2020.


As the launch dates draw closer, we certainly can’t wait to get our hands on these new Motorola phones because they look very promising. The question about whether they’ll manage to get shopper’s attention like Samsung and iPhone have been able to, we just have to wait and see. However, we are sure they’ll deliver an amazing experience.

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