Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the essential parts of any business’s marketing campaigns. It refers to processes which help the website of that business is ranked on search platforms like Google. This is done through isolating and working on keywords and optimizing the content on your web pages. Even if you have outsourced your marketing requirements, it can be vital to be aware and informed about the processes and trends in the search engine optimization (SEO) domain, so that you can track your progress actively and accurately.

It is important to understand how the SEO domain is ever-changing. This is because, just like others, Google too is a firm continually working to improve itself. It is this process that prompts an algorithm to change every now and then. This change affects how the metrics work and, thus, how your SEO is to be carried out. This is why one cannot think that once the website is in the top search results, it would stay there. This is bound to change, and very soon, if the activity is stopped. Hence, there is a commitment and constancy to the SEO process.

SEO trends for 2020

In the year 2020, the world would have a higher than ever smartphone and internet permeability. With so many people having the world at their fingertips, it is crucial to predict and understand the trends that would be seen in 2020. This would enable you to utilize these in the best manner possible. The trends to watch out for are-

1. Voice search- Voice search, which is hands-free, is on a constant rise. With more and more people utilizing voice search, artificial intelligence and machine learning models, and chatbots have made their way into the mainstream on the search engines. Thus, it becomes imperative to tweak your campaign accordingly. For example, one of the little tricks that work is beginning the content that you post with a question. This could like ‘How does search engine optimization work?’. What this does is qualifies your page to be picked up by Google as it would contain both the question and the answer. Having a page with Frequently Asked Questions on your page can work wonders when you wish to utilize this trend.

2. Visual Search- Visual search entails searching through images and not text. This opens up a vast space for you to utilize as this trend is relatively recent. This makes it critical for you to have relevant images with some text on your website so that when the search results are displayed, you can rank higher in it. The visual medium is responsible for the major way in which we understand the world. Owing to this, high-quality images, when displayed as a search result, have more potential of converting a regular user to a client or customer.

3. Local SEO- Most of the small businesses operate in single cities and have their clientele from the same area. This makes it essential to optimize your product or service and the marketing campaign for local searches. This would enable more people to discover and visit your offices. Statistics indicate that almost half of Google’s searches are local ones, highlighting the importance and potential of local SEO. As most of the people who are looking for a service, approach the company in some way within the first day of discovery, local SEO can work wonders if done right.

In conclusion

Search engine optimization enables you to get your website ranked in the top search results. It is a commonly known fact that most people would visit only the first page when looking for something. Listings that appear in the top ten have a better chance than any other to get their business boosted and gain more customers. The latest trends would help you redefine your strategy for the long term and scale up your business.

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