Today’s best smartwatches have abilities and can perform special tricks; this includes tracking your location, searching the internet, and even heart monitoring. These special abilities can be used with or without a smartphone paired to the smartwatch.

The new smartphones in this generation have unique abilities and have stunning designs too. If you think that a smartwatch is not essential and is just a geek accessory, well, the times have changed. These stunning wearables fit any fashion style along with their analog counterparts.

There are several designs, class, and brand for a smartwatch, and we have tested the vast majority of the world-renowned wearables. The list below takes into account the features, battery life, price, and specifications of the smartwatches to give the best options for smartwatches.

If you are into smartwatches or if you have an eye on a specific smartwatch, then it is best to purchase these wearables on Cyber Monday or Black Friday for the best deals. Most of the high-end smartwatches are on sale on these occasions but, take note that for newly introduced wearables, it is usual not to have any reduced price.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The best smartwatch in the market right now is from Samsung, and far from expected, its name is Galaxy Watch instead of the expected name Gear S4. Following the stunning Gear S3 and the Gear Sport 2017, this smartwatch is more reliable and is much improved.

We have tested its battery life and even used extensively; the Galaxy Watch 46mm version had a remarkable battery life of four days. The feature of the Galaxy Watch to stay four days with extensive usage is very impressive as most of the smartwatch on this list only last for a day or two.

The smartwatch’s rotating bezel is still the highlight in navigating around the Tizen OS on the Galaxy Watch. Also, the watch’s interface is the easiest to handle and to pick up from all other smartwatches. The applications on the Galaxy Watch are limited than WatchOS or Wear OS, which is the two major operating system rival of Tizen OS. The design is stunning and has a sporty design yet professional looking with the best functionality.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 is a much slicker, lighter, and more comfortable watch that shrank the best parts of Galaxy Watch that has a more sporty design. The design is gorgeous and has coveted features, including the LTE version and rotating the digital bezel.

Overall the features on this smartwatch do not have a lot of comparison from the Galaxy Watch, which is not a bad thing considering it is much slimmer and lighter. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a 1.2 inch 360 X 360 Super AMOLED display that is stunning and bright yet small enough to be wrapped comfortably on your wrist.

Like any other Samsung smartwatch, it also comes with all the top-end fitness features. It has thirty-nine workout modes, an ECG sensor, and heart rate, and best of all is its health app with sleep and stress monitoring.

While the price is bumped up from the previous launch of the Galaxy Watch, the price for this watch is undeniably affordable considering its features. It may not be a cheap watch but, if you are looking for a watch that is sporty and comfortable, then this is the best for you. The watch is professional looking just like the beautiful analog watch your grandfather once wore, so this would be a good gift.

Apple Watch 5

Apple is one of the brands that is known for its high-end features, yet Apple still did not top our list. It seamlessly works with Apple brand phones, and the smartwatch is well worth it if you plan or consider to be an iPhone user for at least 3-5 years.

The Apple Watch 5 does not have massive upgrades over the previously launched Apple Watch 4. However, the main feature worth the bucks would be its first-ever always-on display, which means you would not need to raise your watch to get your vital stats.

Apple has been famous for its beautiful design, and the design for the Apple Watch 5 looks the same as the Watch 4 that we all have loved. It may not be our favorite smartwatch when it comes to the price, but its fitness features are still the best in the market.


Nowadays, smartwatches have been the new face of fitness technology, and if you’re looking for a fitness partner, these wearables would be your best choice. The wearables come with different features, specs, and style, and it may be a tough decision to choose from the pool of top-end devices. Consider buying these wearables on Cyber Monday or Black Friday to get the best deals.

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