What is Project Free TV?

Most of us have cable TV at their home and the rest finds a way to watch or download entertainment content online to watch on their TV or computer. As people are already paying a huge amount for their data connection, they don’t want to pay for the additional subscription fee to download or watch such contents.

Also, there are tons of providers out like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and all of them have many different and some original shows and keeping that many subscriptions is a huge mess and not everyone can afford this. Let’s say you already have a Netflix subscription and your favorite show ended up on Amazon Prime. That’s where people start to find different alternatives which let them watch these contents for free of cost.

Project Free TV and Project Free Movies were started to fulfil this need. These websites allowed the user to watch their favorite TV shows and movies at once place and for free. In fact, it was also a search engine that helped you find content that had been posted online somewhere else. When you want to watch a TV show, you look up to Project Free TV and it will provide you relevant links to the sites who are offering it for free.

Creating and Handling these sites was very risky because it violates a lot of rules and regulations and can easily attract officials. Each and every content which is posted on the site receives a lot of Copyright claims from a lot of different publishers and that’s why such sites keep getting down and changing URL because the previous one is blocked by the authorities. Project Free TV is one of these sites which disappeared on 24th of July 2017 but there are a lot of different domains that keep coming promoting fake content and most probably malware. Don’t worry because there are a lot of other sites which offers the same content like Project Free TV and Project Free Movies and today we are going to talk about that.

Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime will be one of the most popular content streaming services for watching movies and TV Shows online and there are many other options out there but what about those who don’t want to pay or don’t have money to pay for these services? Well, you will be surprised to see the number of free options out there to fulfill your needs just like Project Free TV.

There are a lot of different websites and Apps which allow users to watch free movies and TV Shows for free and don’t charges them at all. One of them was Project Free TV which gained a lot of popularity as a free TV Show streaming website.

Here’s a special article for those who like to watch free movies and TV shows online on your computer, tablet or mobile phone and looking for the best Project Free TV alternative. Below, you will find a special list of alternatives you might wanna try out.

The Best Free Project Free TV Alternative

Note: We don’t support or endorse piracy and any kind of illegal stuff. This information is purely intended for educational purposes. We strongly recommend that you should instead pay for a streaming service that has legal access to all the movies you might want to watch. It Supports the company and helps them create such amazing content. Some of the budget-friendly options we would suggest is Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, and Netflix.

1. Crackle

Crackle - Best Project Free TV Alternative

Crackle is a top-notch streaming service owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment Company. The service is completely free and offers free movies, TV Shows and some original programs. Crackle has been around since the early 2000s and was originally called Grouper. It was later brought by Sony and then renamed to Crackle TV by Sony in 2006.

Crackle has a huge library of TV shows and films from Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Classics which you can enjoy for free. One of the most interesting features added to it recently is the “Always On”, it allows you to search for TV shows while already watching a movie or a show.

How does Sony manage to keep it completely free? The answer is Ads. Yes, it has ads but it doesn’t affect the viewing experience and there is nothing to complain about. Crackle TV runs on a variety of different smartphones and supports iOS and Android Operating System. You can also watch Crackle in your browsers such as Chrome or Safari.

2. Couch Tuner

Couchtuner - 2nd Best Project Free TV Alternative

Couch Tuner or the new Couch Tuner 2 is a free streaming website that offers a wide variety of movies and TV Shows from a lot of different services. It gives you instant access to tons of popular TV shows airing on Television. You also get to watch all the premium content from the cable network such as HBO.

You can watch Couch Tuner is any kind of browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox but it is safe? Well, No. Couch Tuner shows you content which is Copyrighted and is it not legal at all. All the contents on the site are Pirated and it is not safe. Anyway, you can use a VPN to watch this kind of stuff.

One of the best things about Couch Tuner is it doesn’t require any kind of fees or membership to watch the free content. It also doesn’t require you to signup on the website.

3. FMovies


F movies is a website which allows you to watch tons of TV shows and movie for free. You can watch hundreds of in high definition without paying any kind of fees. You also don’t require any registration to start watching shows. Shows available on F movies are ripped off from different services like Netflix or HBO.

F movies offer content on its website and also has a standalone Android Application which you can install to watch the contents while on the go. Are F movies Safe to watch?. Definitely No, Any kind of Pirated is not safe to watch. To be on a safe side you can always use a VPN.

Note: The website keeps getting blocked due to Copyright Infringement and the given link might not work. If it doesn’t what you can do is Google “F Movies” and you are good to go.

4. GoMovies


Go movies is a website which allows you to watch free TV shows and movies without paying any subscription or registration fees. Movies and TV shows are available here as soon they are available on the internet. You also don’t need to register to start watching content. One of the main features of the site is you can filter content based on the country of origin.

Go Movies was originally called as 123 Movies, why the website shutdown? The Motion Picture Association of America worked with officials in Vietnam to shut the website down because they were sharing they pirated content. Also, Go Movies doesn’t own any of its content. They share the content which is already available on the internet. It is not legal to watch Pirated content so use a VPN to be on a safe side.

5. C Movies

C Movies is yet another website which allows you to stream and download TV shows and Movies from all kind of services. C Movies has a huge collection of movies and the website keeps updated with new movies shows regularly.

The Website is very simple and straight forward and very user-friendly. You won’t face difficulty finding your favorite content. No Registration or Subscription fees are asked here. Everything is free to watch. There is also a sort option which let you sort content according to the IMDB Top rated list.

The best thing here is C Movies also lets you watch CAMRIP Movies which are recorded with a camera in theater the same day it was released. One downside here is most of the content available here is of one 720P quality you also cannot lower the quality as well.

6. B movies

B Movies is a free Streaming Service which lets you watch a lot of different TV shows and movies for free. The service is available through an Android Application and everything here is completely free. You don’t have to pay to download the application and there are no such subscription fees which you have to pay.

Some of the features of the App is HD Quality movies, Easy to use interface, HQ movies HUB and TV shows, 720p & 1080p High Definition Blu-ray Quality Videos Streaming, and Search for your favorite content with ease.

Note: Make sure to download the App from the official site. There are a ton of different fake sites around which may download malware instead. So be aware of what you are downloading.

7. HDO

HDO, not to confuse with HBO is a website where you can stream or download all kinds of TV shows and movies for free. HDO has a good collection of Movies and TV shows which you can enjoy without paying any kind of fees or subscription.

The website features a good user experience and you also don’t need to register on the site at all. You can filter movies according to Genres like Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror, Romance, etc. and there is also an IMDB top movie list available.

Note: The website keeps on deleting due to Copyright Infringement so when it’s not opening it is better to open Google and search for the term “HDO Online” to visit the new website. There are also some fake Android Apps available so be aware of that.

8. GoStream

Go Stream is a website which lets you watch Thousands of High-Quality Content for free and a good Project Free TV alternative. It includes all sorts of online content such as Movies and TV shows from all the different publications. The best thing here is you don’t have to wait for days for a Movie or TV Show to arrive, The website is updated frequently and there is also a Movie and TV Show request feature available so you can let them know about what you are looking for.

The only downside here is you can’t download any of the content on GO Stream, you can just watch them online. Go Stream is, in fact, better than some other streaming site such as 123 Movies or B Movies because it offers content in High Definition. This is the main thing which other sites lack.

9. Movie4u

Movies 4u is one of the oldest sites which provides free movies and tv shows. The site has a large collection of over 10,000 Movies and TV shows and everything is free to watch and download. You don’t have to pay a single penny on this site. Just load the website and use your data connection to enjoy all the free stuff. It includes Hollywood, Korean and Asian Drama as well as anime.

The website is very user-friendly and you can easily find your content with the many different filters and sort options. You can cycle through featured, Trending, High Rated or TOP IMDb rated shows with one click. The best thing I like about Movies 4u is they offer old as well as new content. The site includes content from all the way back from 1970 to till date.

10. Movie25.me

Movies 25 is an amazing platform where you can watch and enjoy all the favorite TV shows and movies for free. Movies 25 also has few subsidiaries such as 5 Movies and Tinkle Pad so you can also check them out when the main site is not working. Movies 25 has one of the largest collection of free movies and TV shows which you can enjoy without any registration.

The website features High definition contents and you can also download them with just one click. The navigation is also easy making it easy to look for your favorite movie. Note: The website is not safe at all as it contains copyrighted content. Watching such content is also illegal so make sure to Hide your IP to make sure you don’t get yourself on the wrong side of the law.

11. My Download Tube

Like the name suggest My Download Tube is a free video site which offers all the latest TV Shows and Movies for free. There is no hidden subscription fee or registration required. Just visit the site, select the show and hit the play button to start enjoying. The website is also fast and responsive and very user-friendly.

My Download Tube is one of my favorite sites and I recommend this one. It has a large collection of Movies and TV shows, there are over 8,000+ free contents and it also includes Animated, Korean, Asian, and Anime. Do you know? My Download Tube also offers free Games which you can download and play on your computer for free of cost. This makes it an all in one stop for all your entertainment needs.

12. Niter

Niter is a free online streaming site where you can watch amazing free contents such as Movies and TV Shows. You will find Niter on Reddit as one of the most popular recommendations as a Movie streaming site. Niter is a much similar site to 123 Movies or C Movies and often they are linked to each other. Niter uses C Movies search engine.

Niter has a large directory of Pirated contents from Movies to TV series and Documentary. It is a simple and straightforward website which lets you watch all those free without paying any kind of subscription charges. You can also download certain things with just one click.

Is it safe? Just like any other websites which offer Pirated Content, Niter is also not safe as it violets most of the laws. You can use a VPN just to be safe.

13. Prime Wire

Prime Wire is like a Social networking site for movies just like Facebook and Twitter. You have a large collection of Movies and TV shows available to watch for free of cost and sometimes you will also find documentaries here. You don’t have to pay any kind of subscription fee here. Here You get all the paid contents for free.

The website has a very simple design and the user experience is also great. You can filter through things based on Upload Date, Genre, Release Date, and Ratings. One thing here is different, you have to register first then only you can stream any content online. The content is available in all quality such as low, medium and high. You also have a ton of different servers for the same file which makes it easier to download.

14. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix, Not to be confused with Popcorn Time is yet another Project Free TV alternative which lets you enjoy everything for free. You don’t even have to login into your account, there are thousands of free content which you can stream right now. All the movies are of High Quality and it is very much similar to Sony Crackle.

The service is available through Web Browser such as Chrome, Safari and also there is Android App for the same. Some of the main features are No subscription or fees! Stream over 700 hundred films instantly, New films added daily, Lots of genres, including Comedy, Romance, Family/Kids, Drama, Urban, Action/Thrillers, Horror, Espanol, Documentaries, Bollywood and many more. There is also No limit on how many films can be viewed.

15. Watch Series TV

Watch Series TV is a very similar website to the Series TV free and just like the name suggests it lets you watch TV series for free of cost. You get all kind of TV series and the website is regularly updated. You don’t have to pay for anything also you don’t have to wait for days after the show is aired to watch it. You can watch it here for free just after a few hours which is great.

It is one of the best sites I would recommend for watching TV shows after Series TV free also I am mentioning TV shows every time because the website is TV series specific and you won’t find movies over here. It is also one of the best site in term of user experience and ease of usage.

16. Show-box

If you are into free TV shows and Movie then you might have heard about the app Show Box. It is one of the most downloaded Apps on the internet and has more than 100 Million Users worldwide. It has a wide variety of TV Shows and Movie brought to one single place so you can enjoy them for free. If you are looking for the best streaming app then this is one I would highly recommend as a Project Free TV alternative.

The service operates from a website and an Android Application. Both the website and the app is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can watch and download any of the content with just one click. As suggested itself by Show Box, A VPN is required to watch contents which are Geo Restricted and Blocked by Government Authorities.

17. Vumoo

Vumoo is also a great alternative for Project Free TV. It is a free streaming site for all the latest Movies and TV shows. The website is great, it is fast loading and very user-friendly. You won’t have any difficulty looking for content on this site. I like this website a lot and I will personally recommend you to try this one.

Everything here is completely free. There is no registration required and you don’t have to pay any subscription fees as well. What makes this website great is the ease of usability and the ability to download the content with just one click. There are also lots of different servers available so if something gets deleted from one, there’s another server to choose from.

18. Vex-movies

This is also one of the great alternatives for Project Free TV. Here you can watch all the movies and TV Shows for free of cost and it lets you stream them in High Quality. You will also be able to download the movie and TV shows to save them offline if you want to.

Now watch movies and shows for free, This website is better than 123 Movies, and Putlocker in my opinion. There is also no popup ads shows on the website which is a great thing.

There is no registration required to watch content and this is better than most of the movie websites you might have ever seen. It has a wide variety of content. There are more than 15000 movies and TV Shows available on this website. This makes one of the largest collection.

19. Solar-movie

Now watch all kinds of different movies online for free at Solar Movie. The free website Solar Movie is the Biggest Library of free movies and TV shows you might think of. You can start watching Solar Movies without Registration. I like this part the most, you don’t have to share any kind of information on the site. There are no hidden Subscription fees included. There is a wide selection of TV shows which you can watch online using this website

The navigation is very easy and you to choose from a lot of different categories. There is also a feature which shows the IMDb rating directly on the homepage which makes it easier to choose a highly rated movie and avoid the ones which are not liked by others. You can also sort the list by Today’s top view, Hot, and Top-rated of all time.

20. Watch Free

Just as the name suggests, Watch-free website allows you to watch movies and TV Shows for free. The content available on the website is free of cost and away from any kind of subscription fee. Just load up the website, look for your favorite Movie and watch it for free.

Watch-free includes High Quality and High Definition movies. 1080p movies are also available here. You can also stream all the Korean, Asian Drama and anime shows which most of us tend to like.

There is a large collection to choose from and a good amount of different categories. The website is also very user-friendly and simple to use. You can cycle through different sections with ease. This website is also safe to watch and had its special place in my recommendation list for Project Free TV alternative.

21. Yes!Movies

Yes! Movies are one of the free websites which have a large collection of Movies, TV shows, and documentaries. You can watch High Definition content for free and you don’t have to pay any kind of subscription fees. Yes! Movies have a collection of over 10,000 content including Movies, TV Shows, and Documentaries. Popular Documentaries which you will find rarely on other streaming sites is available here for free.

The website is very user-friendly and easy to look for your favorite content. You can filter through the list based on Release Year, Genre, Most Viewed, and Most Popular. Although the website doesn’t host any of its content and they are freely available on the web, I suggest you use a VPN and hide your IP.

22. AZMovies

AZ Movies was launched back in 2016 and offers Movies and TV shows which you can watch online or download with just one click. As the name suggests A to Z, the Website packs a vasts variety of contents from all different publishers.

You don’t have to pay any kind of subscription fees here, everything available on this site is free to watch. The website allows you to filter through the content based on Genre and the year of Release. The website is very user-friendly and there are different servers for the same content. So when something gets deleted from one server you can still watch them on another one.

Note: The site itself doesn’t host any of the content but it’s still better to use a VPN to avoid any kind of legal Copyright Infringement issue in the future.

23. Yo-movies

Yo-Movies is one of the best site out there you can watch free movies and TV Series. The best thing about this website is it offers free 1080p High Definition contents which you can directly stream online or download them in available quality without even creating an account. Yo-Movies includes Hollywood, Bollywood as well as Tollywood content. Sometime Hollywood and Tollywood contents will be dubbed in Hindi.

The website allows you to sort through content based on Most Popular or Most Viewed or you can filter them according to the Genres you are looking for. The website is very user-friendly and the content is updated regularly. You also have a request feature where you can submit a request for your favorite movie or TV shows.

24. Z movies

Z Movies is an Excellent Website where you can find all the latest Movies and TV shows It is one of the best websites where you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies for free. The contents keep on updating and you get High-Quality media all without any kind of subscription or download fees.

The website is very user-friendly and easy to use. it also loads fast so it doesn’t waste any of your time. In Some region, the website may not be available due to different laws related to copyright contents so you can use a VPN to load the website if it’s not working. It doesn’t show a lot of ads and still better than other sites which spam you with popup ads and fake links.

25. Shush.se

Shush is a platform where you can watch your favorite moves and TV shows, all for free. Shush doesn’t charge you for any of its content and let you enjoy everything, you don’t even have to sign up to start watching. Shush has a wide range of TV Shows which are updated frequently and you can watch them as soon as they are available. Documentaries are also available here.

Is Shush Safe? No. Shush allows you to watch Pirated contents which is not legal at all. To be on a safe side always use a VPN or Hide your IP Address. The main downside of Shush is the website is not user-friendly and attractive at all. The design is kind of Ugly and Annoying sometimes but it doesn’t matter most of the time because you came here to watch the movie and not the website itself.

26. SeriesFreeTV

Series Free TV is one of my favorite website which allows you to watch and download popular TV shows and series for free of cost. The website is safe and you don’t even need to create an account to watch any of its content though it has an option to sign up that’s only when you want personalized contents and alerts.

Series Free TV offers TV series from all different Genres and has a vast library that is both brand new and older. You can filter shows based on Popularity, Genres, and Release date. Everything here is completely free and the only main downside of this website is it only provides you TV shows and there are no Movies available. So, if you were looking for a TV Series specific website then there you have it.

Project Free TV : Reason behind the shutdown.

Project Free TV was illegal in a lot of ways and due to the reason, it keeps on disappearing. This website acquired a lot of users in a short amount of time and became very popular back then. This made a lot of other companies like Netflix and Hulu lose their subscription fee because people used to watch their content for free instead of paying. This led the companies to fight legally against this site. The website was down and the owners keep on changing the domain name. People used to post on Reddit and communicate with each other and let them know about the new domain.

People behind Project Free TV also made a separate page stating about the copyrighted content on the website. They mentioned that they don’t monitor anything which is uploaded on the website and they also claim to take strict action against a content if they receive any request regarding a copyright claim. After few blocks, the website was back for long and people started enjoying it again until it completely shut down on 24th July. Its been 6 years now since the website was blocked by the authorities.

Final Words

So there you have it. The list of 26 best free alternatives to the Project Free TV. This is one of the most detailed articles you will ever found on the web. It has been put together with a lot of research and hard work.

Note: It is possible that some of the link we have included stops working. It is because these websites keep getting deleted just like Project Free TV due to Copyright Infringement. When the link is not working then simply open Google and Type the name of the site example “Official Popcorn Flix Site”. You will quickly get the new website address.

There are a ton of other applications and websites out there as well which are worth mentioning in the list but that would have made the post a lot more lengthy than it is already is so we will save them for a new update.

I hope this article was helpful for you to understand the back story of the Project Free TV and why it shut down and also helped you with plenty of other alternatives to look at.

Share this article with your friends who want to watch free TV Shows and Movies and let them know about it also if you have any suggestion in mind then let us know by dropping a message below as we are going to update this article frequently.

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