Interactive Brokers (abbreviated as “IBKR”) is founded in 1993 and has a consistent approach to brokerage services that relies on superior transaction execution, low fees, and broad market access. Through this trading site, Investors can use a single integrated account to trade futures, stocks, currency, bonds, options, and funds across 135 markets. To know more features of Interactive Brokers for 2021, keep reading!

Pros and Cons

Every trading platform has some drawbacks, that’s why we compare pros and cons to know the real truth and that also helps to decide whether to choose it for trading or not. Let’s dive right into it to compare the pros and cons of Interactive Brokers.


Its pricing is intended for investors and traders who wish to keep trading costs to a minimum. It offers low margin rates and the good news is you can trade without worrying about commission fees. Many brokers charge interest rates over 10% on the first dollar of margin. But that’s not the thing with Interactive Brokers. Margin loans of Interactive Brokers are one-third the price.

Interactive Brokers gives us access to more than 120 markets worldwide, far more than any other cheap brokerage service. You hardly get this benefit from other trading platforms. Interactive Brokers is a powerful platform that has something for everyone. It has a large investment selection.

Interactive Brokers, to its credit, provides a plethora of no-fee mutual funds. Interactive Brokers provides fundamental analysis and market commentary, as well as extensive access to both free and paid research tools, which may appeal to both new and experienced investors.


If you’re a beginner investor searching for educational features in your broker, Interactive Brokers might not be the best choice. Although it has so many benefits it has also some drawbacks that can be improved for the betterment of the trading platform.

The broker does offer some basic training, such as those on stocks and options, which include quizzes to put your knowledge to the test. The broker also offers training on how to utilize its trading site, but most of it may be unnecessary for new investors. Some of Interactive Brokers’ research products require a price. These tools are undeniably valuable; we simply wish they were free.

Although Interactive Brokers’ fees are clearly stated, they are more difficult to comprehend than those of other stockbrokers with comparable rates, independent of trading frequency or account size. It has no backtesting of proprietary trading strategies or automation trading is not permitted. The website of Interactive Brokers is not easy to use.

You might be wondering what is Forex trading? Forex trading is all about selling one currency and busying the other. You get profit when the currency you sell is at a high price and the currency that you buy is at a low price.

Best Points of Interactive Brokers

  • Traders of all levels are welcome (casual and advanced traders)
  • Data and research
  • Day traders
  • Options trading
  • International financiers
  • Margin accounts

Bottom Line

  • Interactive Brokers frequently receive excellent marks in our trading and limited award sections.
  • In 135 markets across 33 countries, Interactive Brokers provides a diverse selection of asset types (including options, stocks, bonds, and futures).
  • The broker’s Lite tier enables business investors to participate in the market without paying the high costs associated with the Pro platform, and fractional share purchasing is oriented targeting them.
  • Interactive Brokers takes pride in its quick trade executions and overall high-quality platform, which allows it to buy from virtually any global market.
  • Another appealing characteristic for more skilled investors is the unusually low margin rates.


What are the costs of Interactive Brokers?

They offer cost-effective services and less commission fee with no transaction fee

Interactive Brokers are legit or a scam?

By looking at all features, we can say that Interactive Brokers is a legit and safe option for trading.

Is Interactive Brokers a good option for you?

Interactive Brokers has long been a good option for active and professional traders, particularly those who can take advantage of the broker’s lower volume-pricing arrangement. With the provision of free transactions via IBKR Lite, even inexperienced traders may find Interactive Brokers to be a formidable challenger. However, novice investors may choose a broker who provides more guidance and instructional tools.

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