Here we will know about a fane that is immensely loved and appreciated by people from the moment it had launched. In the year of 2004, Blizzard Entertainment released a game named World of Warcraft that has helped the company to gain a revenue of 9.23 billion dollars till 2017. This game is once again released with its expansions on August 19. As one can easily identify this game to be one of the most earned games of all time & has a massive fan following all over the world.

This is also a paid game where you will have to subscribe to play the game using either your credit card or any game cards offered by different companies. But up to level 20 of the game, one can play without paying any money. World of Warcraft is an online multiplayer PC game that, unfortunately, cannot be played on PS4 or Xbox. This game can only be played on a PC and requires a broadband connection as it is a multiplayer and online game.

The success of the game was mind-blowing as in 2005, this game won the VGX Award for Best PC Game and also won the VGX Award for Best RPG. This game has also won an Emmy in 2008 in the category of Technology & Engineering (Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Video Gaming Technology and Applications)

Gameplay: This is a roleplaying game that falls under the category of ‘adventure.’ In this particular game, the player will have to take up a character or as it called an ‘Avatar,’ and as per the character choice, one will be taken into the storyline of that particular character. Also, the character will be given various skills.

Then these characters will have an adventure and have adventurous quests to find hidden treasures. Griffins and elves, steam-powered automata to dragons plus zombies, as well as time travel to werewolves, spaceships, and aliens, this game have it all, and the game is very interesting that players play for hours without even recognizing it. As we know, people are very much crazy about the Pokémon sword and shield download. This game is also a role-playing game. Similar to this, people are also very much crazy and interested about the world of Warcraft role playing game.

System Requirements to install World of Warcraft:

This is a high-end game. Thus, there are certain requirements that must be there while you try and install the games, and here is a list of that. This game can be played in both Windows and Mac operating systems, but from a certain denomination of it is required.

  1. RAM: 4 GB
  2. Space: 45 GB of Hard Drive space.
  3. Connectivity: Working internet connection.
  4. Input Devices: Multibuttoned mouse with a scroll and Keyboard.
  5. Processor: Intel i5 or AMD FX-6300 or MAC OS X
  6. Display: 1024 × 768 (Graphics card required)

Installing the Game

The steps for the world of Warcraft download full game is here-

    1. Click on to reach the official website of WoW.
    2. Click on the ‘login’ written on the top right of the screen and log in using your blizzard account credentials that you use to log into other Blizzard games.
    3. If you do not have any Blizzard account, then you will get an option to create one. You have to have a blizzard account.
    4. After that, click on ‘Download clients’ and look up the current OS that you are using.
    5. After downloading the file, open it, and once again, it will show ‘login with your Blizzard ID.’
    6. Use the ID that you have or created and log in.
    7. It will then tell you to create a Battle Tag, which is your nickname that will be used for all Blizzard games. You will get only one chance to change it for free.

It is done.Now you are ready to Play this game.

Purchasing the Game

After playing up to the 20th level, you will have to purchase the game in order to keep playing. Battle for Azeroth is the latest extension of the game; thus, you will need to purchase this to unlock every feature. This is the link to download the extensions if you are a returning player. It has two variants: Digital Deluxe Edition that costs $69.99 and Standard Edition of $49.99. : For the first-time players, this link will take you to the purchase page. This also has two editions. The first one is Heroic Edition that will cost you $124.97, and the other one is Epic Edition, which can be purchased by paying $109.99.

On the page, you will have to choose your game time (month or year) and then insert your credit card or PayPal details to purchase the full game.

Game Time is the time for how long you are buying the game.


World of Warcraft is very entertaining and is promised to keep you addicted for hours as you keep enjoying this game more and more each day due to the awesome storyline. Plus, this game is quite easy and can be played by everyone. If you like it, then you are welcome into the biggest community of gaming, the World of Warcraft family. The best strategy of World of Warcraft is that you are rewarded for the amount of time that you spend on the game.

As the rating for the game is just under 4, one can say that it is a fame worth trying not only because of the plot and interesting storyline but also to see the game evolve in front of their eyes from the graphics of that time to the latest. This is a must-have experience for the true game lovers to whom videogames mean much more than just a vary way to pass the spare time.

Though the game is one of the biggest and is successful in so many ways, there are still a few things that gamers complained about, like the lack of upgradation and lack of new maps. Also, they are criticized for making in-game purchases quite expensive. This game is also judged as being so addictive that it is bad for people and for their mind. But they are keeping everything aside, A game full of adventure, mystic creature and a great story-line that is the dream of every gamer. In a world of PUBG and Free Fire, this game stills hold a place.

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