We will know about the NHL and NHL 20 game and see what and how it has grown and if it has grown better or not by comparing it with other versions and what kind of reviews have the players and fans of the game have given and shall justify the truth of it. We will know about the different editions offered by the game and what is the benefits of purchasing it. So, if you have no idea about the game yet or you want to know what is new in the game, then it is the right place for you.

Some Info about the NHL Game

NHL stands for the National Hockey League, which is an ice hockey league that is played among the best teams with top players in the United States of America and also Canada. Now, these major hockey league has a fan following all over the world as each time many people tune in to watch the games.

Due to this unbelievable amount of popularity, this game has found its way into the video game arena as well. The famous company, EA Sports has released NHL 20 on September 13th of 2019, and EA Vancouver developed this game. This game is released in both Xbox One and Play Station 4. As in the videogame world, the amount of craziness the people have about the battlefield3 downloads, in the section of shooting video games. Similar to this in the section of ice hockey video games, people are crazy about the NHL 20.

What is Excellent about NHL 20?

From the launch of the game till the present time, this game has been nothing less than a treat for the gamers as many things about this game have left the players astonished and awestruck like:

  1. The physics of the Puck has become more realistic and authentic as the movement of the Puck is very much accurate, along with the bounce and the glide of it. It feels more real than ever.
  2. It is not poorly animated. The animation of the game is one of the best so far by EA sports, and this game is visually more realistic that he predecessors of it.
  3. The goalies are better as everyone knows how the Goalies on the previous versions were like the same programming under different shells. Contradicting that, this game has goalies who are far better and gives a general and authentic feeling to it, which was missing from the competition.
  4. The franchise and presentation are fantastic, as well as the diversity of the game.

NHL 20 PC Game

What is Terrible about NHL 20?

  1. The customization of the game could have been better. The game does not allow to have personal logos uploaded, and neither does it allow a great customized feeling in the franchise model.
  2. The commentary flow in the game repeats itself very often, which is annoying.

NHL 20 for PC?

Here is the thing, though nobody was sure if the game would be available for desktops or not, the director of NHL 20 gave quite provocative responses to make the gamers think that it will be released for PC as well. Still, unfortunately, the game is only released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and shall never release for computers. Everyone was thinking that the NHL 20 PC will be available or not.

A majority of gamers have spoken up for that, and since the fanbase of the game is mostly US-based, they tried to convince EA Sports to make the game available for PCS, but still, it was fruitless. This game will not be available for PC shortly though the game has gotten excellent reviews both on PS4 and Xbox One.

Versions of NHL 20

For Play Station 4 and Xbox One, the game has released with three editions; those are Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Ultimate Edition. Here are the details of what you get in the publications.

  1. Standard Edition: In this edition, the player will get only the basic game without any added benefits.
  2. Deluxe Edition: This edition will provide gamers with the first game. Along with the first game, they will get 10 HUT Packs, 2 Hockey Bags, and a Hometown Pack. In the hometown pack, there will be a Hometown Goalie mask and a HUT hero choice.
  3. Ultimate Edition: As the name suggests, it is the ultimate of what a player can get. The player will be provided 16 HUT Packs and 5 Hockey Bags with also a Hometown pack with a Hometown Goalie mask and a HUT hero choice.

What has Improved Since the Previous Version?

NHL 20 has changed in various ways over time and since its release in 1991 and is very different from the previous versions in multiple ways like:

  1. They have done an excellent job on the multiplayer sections as they have introduced new ways to have a tremendous multiplying experience.
  2. The hockey broadcasting has been updated to a whole new level and is more play by play commentary now than ever.
  3. The use of RPM Tech has improved the shooting skills and speed of the game. These have drastically increased and is all ready to give the player a great experience.

Is NHL 20 Worth it?

NHL 20 has managed to get four stars on Play Station and has received only two stars on Xbox as many people have compared this game with the previous versions and have found it to be not better but worse than those, and the gameplay is widely criticized. The game is realistic and has very nice animation, and for that, this game can be purchased. This game cannot be said to be a value for money game due to many reasons as said and reviewed by the players. Therefore, to sum it up, it might not be the best at a price, but it is worth checking.

To sum up, these games give you a good time and are very close to the heart of Ice Hockey fans. They love to manage and play with the best heroes from both classics and recent times, and that is exciting, and NHL 20 has been their favorite since 1991, so if you want to go ahead and have this game bought and have a pleasant experience playing it.

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