While you’ve learned a bit about search engine optimization and how it works, there’s still quite a bit to learn. In fact, you could benefit from having a professional like Mike Zhmudikov conduct an audit and determine if you’re getting the most from your efforts. What could an audit do for you? Here are four critical areas in which the audit results could make a difference.

Keywords and Meta Descriptions

When you think of keywords, it’s the text that you have on your website and blog that come to mind first. Have you ever thought about the meta description for your site or possibly the tags that are used for images and charts that are also found on those pages?

Search engine crawlers look at every element of those pages. There’s a chance that making some changes to the tags or descriptions would lead to higher placement in search engine results. That would increase the chances of more traffic to those pages and ultimately mean more customers.

Taking a Closer Look at the Content

While your content might be good, it is really the best? Perhaps some entries on your pages and your blog are still relevant but part of the information is outdated. Now would be a good time to make a few changes so the content is more relevant to readers today. The search engines will pick up on those changes and may find that they increase the authority of those blog posts, articles, and other content. That could also mean you show up higher in search engine results and attract more attention from the right consumers.

Assessing Keyword Usage

Even the keywords that you include in your content come under scrutiny. Some of them may have performed quite well a few years ago but no longer have the same appeal to those who are searching for something in particular. A professional can determine if a keyword is evergreen – meaning that it remains popular – or if it’s no longer one that people use often to find what they want. When the latter is the case, some updates to the keywords will preserve the integrity of the content while also making use of relevant keywords that are especially popular right now.

Making a Good Thing Better

Overall, the purpose of the audit is to help you make the most of any new SEO opportunities that might relate to your online presence. The process helps to identify everything that’s currently in compliance with SEO best practices and helping get your business in front of more people. At the same time, the audit identifies factors that may be holding you back.

As part of the audit, you get a plan for retaining everything that’s working and a strategy for replacing whatever is not working. Once the work is finished and the changes are implemented, you’ll notice an increase in traffic and hopefully more business volume.

If it’s been some time since you had an audit, today is the ideal time to change that. Call today and make arrangements to have every aspect of your online presence evaluated. You may be surprised at what can be done to help you be more competitive in today’s environment.

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