Your smartphone will give you clues that it’s finally time to replace its battery. Read this to find out exactly what those clues are and what you should do when you spot them.

What Are the Signs that Your Battery Needs Replacing?

Heating Up:

If you’ve noticed that your smartphone is overheating a lot, then the battery could be straining to help the device perform as normal.

Shutting Down:

Does your phone turn off or restart, even when you haven’t pressed the power button? These sudden shutdowns and reboots could be signs that there is something seriously wrong with your battery.

Battery Drain:

You’ve realized that your battery is draining much faster than normal. Do you charge it up to 100% and see that the battery is close to 0% not long after? Does it need to be charged multiple times a day? Or worse, will it only function when it’s connected to a charger? This means that your battery is on life support, and it needs a replacement as soon as possible.

Battery Health:

You can check on your smartphone’s battery health through your settings or through apps like Accu Battery. They’ll let you know whether your battery is in good condition or in need of replacing soon.

Bulking Up:

Is the back of your smartphone swollen or bulky? This is a common sign that your battery has ruptured. Do not try to investigate by pulling apart your phone! If you think the battery has ruptured, you should turn off your phone immediately. If it’s connected to a charger or other device, disconnect it.

Running your phone when the battery is ruptured could cause the device to catch fire or explore. The battery could also release hazardous gasses if it gets punctured. So, keep your phone turned off and bring it to a repair shop immediately.

How Can You Cover Repair Costs?

A battery replacement is a fairly simple and affordable phone repair, especially when the rest of your phone is in fine condition. It typically costs between $30-$100 to complete. If your phone is old or has accumulated many other damages, you may want to consider getting a budget-friendly replacement instead of getting a repair.

What if you can’t handle the costs? If you can’t afford the repair or replacement, you have two options. You could put the charge onto your credit card and then tackle the balance later on, or you could apply for a fast loan online and see whether you get approved to use the funds for your tech emergency. Click here to find out what are the benefits of fast loans online and what qualifications you need to apply for them. You just might be eligible for one!

Only turn to an online loan when your tech problem is an emergency. If you can wait for your next paycheck to fix or replace your phone, you should.

Taking Care of Your New Battery

Now that you have a new battery, how do you keep it in good shape? Here are some things that will extend your new battery’s life:

  • Don’t let your battery drain to zero before charging it.
  • Run your software updates.
  • Keep your device out of very hot and cold environments.
  • Take steps to protect your smartphone from malware infections.

Stop ignoring those clues that your smartphone is giving you. If the battery needs replacing, replace it!

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