Experienced players know the ins and outs of all the quirky features that are out there, which is best or worst. How these different bonus features interact with our play style as well as knowing how to change their playstyle specifically to each free spins no deposit slot game they are playing.

Free spins are a great bonus feature to get our hands-on, but they can sometimes be illusive – depending on the conditions that we have to meet then we can be left high and dry, chasing a big win that could potentially never arrive because the odds of fulfilling the free spins feature conditions are next to none.

An experienced player knows this. They know how to skew the probability of being able to meet the conditions and therefore whether the given slot is one to play. They have an understanding that at the end of the day, regardless of how well a game is designed, either visually or its features, if it is only ever going to make money, what worth is there in playing it. Experienced players understand and live this.

What Can We Do To Be Like The Experienced Players?

When getting into a new game or assessing whether we should keep playing a given slot, we should look to its statistics, the RTP, Volatility, and Hit Rate. These three things tell us a lot about our probability of making some money, however, they don’t tell us our chances of activating the Free Spins.

It is incredibly difficult to actually calculate the odds of achieving the conditions, one thing we can do to try and gain an idea of this is to go to the provider’s website and play the slot for free. Trying to feel out what the likelihood of meeting these conditions are.

Our Experience

Just today, for a different article, we were testing out Leprechaun’s Magic Megaways, which was released earlier this year. In the first 100 spins, we managed to meet the requirements for the free spin feature and made over £200 on a £2 spin! With different games, we have made over between 100-200 spins and never managed it. Some of that is chance and some of that is the conditions of the individual game.

What Conditions Should We Expect To See?

The standard requirements for accessing the free spins will usually be landing 3 or more scatters on the reels, often offering better bonuses for those additional scatter we manage to get. Some will give you multiple different symbols that have to land and some will give you specific reels that those symbols have to land on.

Each one of these makes our odds higher and higher. If we are playing a game that is never going to give us access to the areas of the game where we can actually make some real money, then what value does this slot have? Always try to think like this when looking at a new game. Have fun and don’t waste your time stuck being a novice!

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