One of the significant obstacles faced while functioning a small business is the difficulty of reaching out to the mass audience present in the market and making your business go viral, right? But with the advancing technology, our task has been lightened. All you need to figure out is the right tool that you need to pick. Since we are talking about marketing, what’s the better tool than Email-Marketing!

Email marketing has been in use for a long while now. It is one of the most convenient, cheapest, and most innovative options available to help you market your business and reach out to a broader audience and believe me, and it has done wonders in its job. If you are a beginner and don’t know how Email marketing functions and how to use it effectively, you just don’t have to worry anymore as long as you have ESputnik. Esputnik is a marketing automation service that helps you quickly launch promotional campaigns using various platforms like emails, SMS, Viber, and web push. It has vast numbers of in-built features that are extremely useful, especially for online stores and eCommerce businesses.


Email marketing is the most popularly known, profitable, and direct way to channel with your audience. In other words, it is a digital marketing strategy through which you send emails to the candidates and customers. Through excellent appropriate email communication, you can convert your potential customer into a loyal and permanent one. Building up an email list of your target audience will make a group interested in your company’s products and services. On joining the email list, they could learn and know all the details and information regarding the services or the products by referring to all the relevant information that you would email. That will help them make their buying decision. The information that you will email will reach all of them at once without consuming anyone’s much time. And this is how email marketing helps you build a relationship with your customers and lets your brand grow.


There are indeed many other marketing channels out there in the market to function all your digital marketing activities. Still, surely none will provide you the similar advantages that Email marketing does. We highlight to you the five benefits that email marketing has.

  1. Saves up money

Unlike other professional software, Email marketing does not offer plans based on the number of subscribers. Hence, you don’t have to avail any service plan; all you need to start Email marketing is an email list, an excellent basic marketing strategy, and the right tool to launch promotional campaigns and analyze all your email campaigns.

  1. Full access

You have full access to all your email communications. You can design your assets, decide which kind of email campaign you want to run, easily segment your email list, for personalization tag your contacts and create your marketing automation. But you can’t control email deliverability entirely. However, you can always avoid all email deliverability stress if you work effectively and engage with your audiences regularly.

  1. Precise targeting

To build your business and have better results, you must continually build your list orderly and regularly ask people to subscribe so that it is easy for you to precise your audience. The confirmation of subscription makes it easy for you to know that your customer is interested in your brand and wants to receive your emails.

  1. Easy to use

Designing email campaigns are straightforward. You can choose ready-made templates and modify them according to your wish, or you just have to drag and drop the editors without any need for coding.

  1. Ideal marketing medium

Many people prefer to receive special offers from brands via emails rather than any other medium or channel. They can open them whenever they want as per their wish and unsubscribe when they lose interest or don’t want to receive any content.


A beginner? No worries, starting with email marketing is just not a complicated task. Follow the steps below to learn.

STEP 1: Making an email list

How will you reach and send your email campaigns to your customers? The first and the utmost important step is building an email list, and then the second important thing is to make sure you have the right people in your email list who are interested in the services or products of your company.

STEP 2: Adding an Email service provider

It is a must that your email list is built orderly, and to make it happen; you use an email service provider (ESP). It helps you segregate your audience, keeps your list in order, and distribute your email campaigns further to your audience. Once you finish doing the above two steps, you are more than halfway done. All that is left to do now is refining the messages and the email list you prepared and connecting with your audience. The email service provider will make it easier for you to set up automation for your emails.


What after building the list? Learning to grow an email list is also as important as building one. For increasing your email list, you must already have a fantastic strategy ready with you to attract people to your company. E.g., presenting a compelling offer in the market to attract customers. And for that, you need a lead magnet. It is a marketing term for a free service or product; it provides you with your customers for free in exchange for them providing you with their email address. Lead magnets can be in many forms, such as eBooks, pdfs, free trials, coupons, etc.


Q1. How often should marketing emails be sent to the customers?

The duration can vary depending on your target audience. There is no such period between which you should send the emails. You can find the time when your subscribers are more active or less active using google analytics.

Q2. Are email newsletters an excellent choice to send?

Yes, email newsletters are an excellent option to send and are a great business content market strategy.

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